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Guest Commentary

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What Happens When the Church Leaves the Building

This is perhaps the best opportunity for paradigm change we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Christians can no longer sit back and relax passively as we enjoy our worship services and small groups.

For 20 years, something called the missional conversation has called on the church to leave the building, move away from a customer-service mindset and not focus on consumers of religious goods and services.

In two weeks, this virus did what two decades of books, blogs and podcasts could not. The church has left the building, and God is at work.

What Comes after COVID-19?

If we are, as President Trump suggested, in a time of war, why can’t our elected officials act swiftly in the best interest of the American people rather than persistently pursuing their particular party’s goals? By doing so, they have made it alarmingly clear that their political agendas are of more importance than the welfare of the people they are supposed to be serving.

How Families Can Stay Physically Active while Social Distancing

During this time stuck at home, it’s all too easy for us and our children to lose touch with the outdoor activities, gym routines, and sports leagues that have been such a significant part of our lives for so long. With parents working from home and kids taking their classes online from the sofa or bedroom, homes have been quickly transformed into bustling workplaces and classrooms. As the boundaries between work, school and personal life are being redefined, we may be too stressed or too preoccupied managing household affairs to think about physical fitness.

But physical health is a crucial part of our overall well-being.

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