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Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

James Lankford Shows Courage in Immigration Bill, despite Own Party's Backlash

In a day and time in which the American people say they want their politicians to be courageous, Lankford was exactly that courageous in standing up and telling the truth along with being able to confront Former President Trump, who many in the party fear and are willing to back down because of any comment that he may make against an issue.

Nearly Half of Americans Support a 16-Week Abortion Ban as We Head into an Election Year 

God values all life. While many misconceptions are circulating in our lost and broken world, God tells us life begins with formation in the womb (Psalms 139:13-16, Jeremian 1:5, Luke 1:41-43).

How Should Christians React as America Vetoes a Ceasefire in Gaza?

The war on Israel has taken another swift turn as the United States vetoed the Algerian resolution at the United Nations, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. How are we, as believers, to react to this alarming news?

Argentina and Israel – Turning the Tide from a Curse to a Blessing

Recently, Argentinian President Javier Milei arrived in Israel to show solidarity at this time of war and to turn the tide between the stained past of his country’s relationship with Israel. Milei’s visit was significant and historic on many levels.

He Gets Us, and I Get Their Ad: Here's Why

I've been involved in several discussions with friends and colleagues alike in person, over text, and on social media since Sunday night. I've heard or read the (often impassioned) arguments about the "dangers" of 'He Gets Us: Foot Washing.' But here are my five responses from the heart and from Scripture...

Israel: Blinken's Foolishness on Full Display

The Secretary of State's remarks show America's allies and enemies alike that the country's policies remain rooted in seeing the world as they want things to be rather than how they really are.

A Firsthand Account of the Violence against Christians in Nigeria

Hundreds of Christian men, women, and children have been relentlessly targeted by Muslim Fulani herdsmen and slaughtered since Christmas, leaving behind a trail of devastation and despair. I witnessed firsthand the aftermath of these brutal attacks in a recent visit to the area.

How Should Christians Respond to an Ever-Changing World?

Is there any place for the biblical, Christian worldview in this changing world?  Do Christians have anything to say in response to the myriad challenges they face today to their faith and values?

Why Pro-Choice Is a Misnomer

Real choice is as American as apple pie. But “pro-choice” only chooses one option and a grisly one at that. America can do better than this.

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