Guest Commentary

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Forget to Be Grateful for the Little Things

In the Christian faith we focus – quite understandably – on the awesome truth that in the crucifixion of Jesus, God himself was purchasing our forgiveness. That is the greatest gift we could ever have and we must always be grateful for that. Yet there are also an enormous number of other smaller things where God’s love towards his children spills over into numerous different areas and we should recognise them everywhere.

What We Profess on Sunday Ought to Apply to Black Friday

What would happen if we thought about every dollar we spend this season as an expression of our faith? We would spend differently. Would we spend our money in ways that help create a more just local economy, in ways that begin to address the racial wealth disparity and the needs of our neighbors? From what I understand of Scripture, that seems like a more fitting way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Church Planting and Leading in a Liminal Space: Deeper Discipleship for a Lifelong Journey

The COVID-induced liminal space in which we now live is inviting us to create gospel beauty and hope even as we walk the long corridor toward the door that will lead us to a post-pandemic world. Here are just two things I have noticed in this space and how I believe we can refashion it into opportunities for evangelism, deeper discipleship, and community.

Always Faithful: The Legacy of Kareem Nikoui

So on this Veterans Day, let’s show our gratitude for all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and for those who continue to serve, every day. If you see a service member today, thank them. And thank God for their faithfulness, that they emulate the love of Jesus in so pure a form, to the point of laying down their lives for a stranger.

Why the Bible App Being Taken Down in China Should Motivate Us to Know God's Word

Many of us might have multiple Bibles in our homes that we do not think twice about the great value and privilege of having them. We may have gotten lax on our Scripture memory. We might even want to avoid spending time reading the Bible. Let this removal of the Bible app stir in our hearts a greater desire to speak against this when able, and to enjoy and learn more about the beautiful gift of having the Word of God in front of us.

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