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Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

My Child With Down Syndrome Isn't a Political Statement — Nor Is Amy Coney Barrett's

Amy Coney Barrett is a pro-life justice whose youngest child received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. It might be easy to conclude that Barrett continued her pregnancy in order to live up to her ideology. But it is both overly simplistic and unfair to other parents of children with Down syndrome to conflate Barrett’s legal positions with her family choices.

Abraham Accord Honors Its Namesake

The Abrahamic Accord, like Abraham the patriarch, is shared between three nations: the Jewish state of Israel, the Muslim country of UAE and the Christian United States of America. The multitude of nations should look to the Accord as a radiant example of peace.

As Abraham totally transformed his worldview and way of life upon God’s revelation, so too the Abraham accord will transform the Middle East.

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