Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Wear Your Faith in Christ Proudly

We often support causes and campaigns that benefit our lives. There is no greater blessing, no more powerful benefit, than following Jesus. We can search our entire lives for sources of happiness. Each one – each bumper sticker, button, yard sign, even vote – are not what our hope is based in.


The Fierce Faith of a Mother

Mother’s Day is one that is joyous for some and painful for others. I know the responsibilities are heavy, and sometimes it must seem overwhelming to be a mom amidst violence, fear and sickness. Your love and your leadership in your family and your community is invaluable. You are shaping this generation and the generations to come. Your hearts, mothers, make all the difference.

Keep Up the Good Fight, Mothers. The World Needs You.

Many wonderful mothers and fathers spend sleepless nights worrying that their mistakes will have long-term effects on their children. But does your broken marriage guarantee that your child will one day divorce or be divorced by their spouse? No. Are your present financial struggles an indicator of your child's future poverty? Of course not. Why? Because Jesus has broken every curse.

Church, Be Like Nehemiah: Pray, Then Act

On this National Day of Prayer, as the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and injustice, we can look to a Nehemiah for guidance. Thousands of years ago, Nehemiah received news from his Jewish countrymen that the wall of Jerusalem had been destroyed and its gates had been burned to the ground. After hearing this devastating report, Nehemiah wept and fasted for many days. He knew he had to do something about the situation — but first, he prayed.

When Your Children Are Hostile to Your Faith, Keep Praying

I share my story with you today and pray it will serve as an encouragement to you moms who have children that seem disinterested, even hostile to your faith. I know it may look hopeless at times, and you may be tempted to doubt that your prayers are being heard. But we need to know that when we pray for that lost child, our prayers are according to the will of God. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. Keep asking.

Why Christians Should Care About the Mistreatment of Religious Minorities around the World

It can be tempting for Christians living in western nations to think that the mistreatment of Muslims in another part of the world has nothing to do with them. However, Christians need to understand that threats to religious liberty around the globe are our concern, even when they affect people who do not share our faith in Christ. 


What's America's Real Problem Concerning Race?

I have pursued justice my entire Christian life. Yet I am about as “anti-social justice” as they come—not because I have abandoned my obligation to “strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14), but because I believe the current concept of social justice is incompatible with biblical Christianity.

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