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Is Black Friday Bad for Our Mental Health?

Did you know that Americans are projected to spend $87 billion — yes, with a “b” — this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? That’s an average of almost $400 spent per person in just two days! Recent studies have shown that the Christmas shopping craze is doing more harm than just draining our bank accounts, though. Turns out it may actually be affecting our mental health.

Five Things Kanye Knows

About the time Kanye’s conversion was lighting up social media, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat published a piece arguing that the demise of traditional Christianity in the U.S. has been greatly exaggerated. He cited a recent Pew Research Center survey that showed that the losses in Christian affiliation in the U.S. have come from “lukewarm” believers, not core adherents. Kanye’s new music is aimed at the latter.

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