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Megachurch Pastor Andy Savage Officially Resigns

Andy Savage officially resigned from his role as teaching pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis on Tuesday, March 20.

“Apologies are important, but more is required,” Andy Savage said in his resignation announcement letter. “I know that stepping down once, or even a second time, still doesn’t make things right for Jules. But addressing my own acts of abuse this way acknowledges the importance of confronting abuse in our culture and in the Church at large.”

12 Powerful Prayers from Paul

Sometimes praying feels like throwing darts - with your eyes closed. You hurl some words heavenward and wonder if you've hit the bulls-eye of progress. You hope something sticks.

Lately, I've been thinking, I don't want my words to just touch heaven, but I want them to move heaven's power on my behalf. I want to pray knowing, all I am - needs all of Him . I want - what I throw up, to fall back down with such strength - God's fingerprints, clearly, handled my every word. Even more, I want the Lord's will to fall on earth, not because I am good (far from it), but because He is good, all good. And, more than enough.

What would happen if we prayed like Paul? God got me asking this question. So, I searched every prayer Paul prayed (below) to find the essence of God's power held within his words. What I found were 12 categories of prayer. I hope they bless you as much as they did me!

*(Image Credit:Thinkstock)

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