Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

How to Rise above Mediocre Expectations

Have you heard of the little boy who found a long stick and cut notches he assumed to be accurate measurements? He went running to his mother and said, “Mom! I made this ruler and measured myself! I’m seven feet tall!”

If we use the wrong measurements, our self-perception will be biased. The only true way of measuring up is given in Ephesians 4:13, which says we should strive to “be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ” (NLT).

The Hidden Secret That Keeps Us from Fulfilling Our Purpose

We need to have our arsenal of weaponry ready, and that includes excavating the hidden places in our own lives. Once we have the freedom to address what needs to be exposed, then we can equip the next generation to find their freedom. We need to fight for the children so they can rise up and fulfill the purpose that was deposited into them, to take their position in this world and to change it. But we must first do our part to fight for them right now.

It Might Be Time to Shake the Spheres of Influence in Your Life

In America, users of Facebook spend 58 minutes per day (325 hours per year) on the platform, while users of Instagram spend 53 minutes per day (297 hours per year) viewing its content. And the people and organizations we follow on these platforms influence us more than we might realize. It is my hope that most mature Christians spend less time on these platforms than the average cultural consumer of media. But the truth is, we all spend time with media of some sort every day. In fact, except for personal conversations, prayer, and meditation, there is little that we learn and interact with every day that doesn’t come through media of some sort. (Even the Bible is a form of traditional media — a book.)

Vietnam Floats Draconian New Religion Decrees

When the “Government of Vietnam” posted two draft religion decrees the first week of June, even ranking staff members of the Government Bureau of Religious Affairs were taken by surprise and encouraged religious leaders to strongly object. The decrees with ancillary documents were posted online for input by government departments and the public. The document dump was 151 pages.

Why Flag Day Is as Important as July 4th

While July 4th celebrates our declaration of independence from tyranny and Memorial Day honors those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom, Flag Day reminds us that, though diverse and different as we may be, we are one nation. That was, after all, the purpose of the flag – to unify the disparate colonies and inspire them to fight together. Today Americans seem to fight more among themselves than together. My hope is that this Flag Day, we will remember that no matter our political affiliation, religious beliefs or social positions, we all fly under the same flag.