Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

I Could Quit Anytime: How Statism Creates Addicts

If our freedoms come from God, then it is to God we must appeal. Here we find hope. For America was founded on a series of sacred covenants, vows made to God on behalf of Americans then unborn. As Perry Miller (1905–1963), the preeminent Harvard historian, taught, to understand America, one must admit her spiritual founding. Oxford historian Paul Johnson (1928–), likewise, points to the impulse for America to seek forgiveness, revival, and to be restored to the faith of our Fathers. We must appeal to God through Christ to remember our forefathers’ prayers to be that “City on a hill,” shining the Gospel light of freedom to the world.

Sharing the Gospel – Jesus style

All around us, people are looking for healing and relief, which is why it is critical we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. But how we do that is just as important. I would like to offer an acronym to help us share the Gospel with our friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers and everyone else we come in contact with — Jesus style — “B.L.A.S.T.”

Christians: Love Is Our Superpower

When Paul wrote that “the greatest of all is love,” he was not mouthing a romantic cultural idea. He was pointing out the supreme divine virtue that is strong enough to hold together our diverse, global movement. Love is our theological superpower in a world — and church — riven by divisiveness, hate, religious extremism, political polarization, racism, genocide, health crises, and poverty.

Celebrating Holocaust Survivors

There’s a new movement to celebrate Holocaust Survivor Day on June 24. This new initiative is being spearheaded in Poland, from where many of the survivors came, where they suffered, and where their families and entire communities were slaughtered. Unlike Holocaust Memorial Day when we mourn the six million Jews who were murdered, this day is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging the survivors.