Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Why Pro-Choice Is a Misnomer

Real choice is as American as apple pie. But “pro-choice” only chooses one option and a grisly one at that. America can do better than this.

Are Christians Commanded to Vote?

Essentially, voting is not just a choice, but it is an act of stewardship...

Should Christians Invest in the Stock Market?

The church was given a substantial gift of $100,000. But they weren’t yet sure how they should spend the money. Someone wisely recommended at least putting the money into savings in order to get some interest. That’s when the new pastor said it…

Hamas Terrorist Supporters Hijacking the Public Space

All over the world, thousands of cruel, heartless people tore down and defaced pictures of the 250 hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th.

TruPlay Games is Redeeming Digital Entertainment for the Next Generation

Founder and CEO Brent Dusing created the family-friendly platform to bring engaging, high-quality, and biblically sound entertainment to households worldwide.

The Growing Need for Jesus in Gaza

If there’s ever hope for a lasting peace, there needs to be an overhaul of more than the physical infrastructure. There needs to be a change of heart.