Guest Commentary

From Father to Father: Lean into God and See Benefits for Your Children

This Father’s Day, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children (and grandchildren) is a personal biblical foundation that demonstrates complete trust in God, protection and comfort, commitment to emotional health, and great generosity. Not only will they see us grow in these areas, but they will experience it through us, and eventually, prayerfully, it will also become a part of them. That, in my opinion, is a legacy worth leaving.

Who Are the Southern Baptists and Why Is Their 2021 Annual Meeting so Divided?

This week, the Southern Baptist Convention is gathering in Nashville, Tennessee for what may be the denomination's most consequential denominational meeting for any Protestant denomination in the last 30 years. But who are Southern Baptists, and why is their vote on a new president and a series of resolutions reverberating so loudly across the entire American religious landscape? 

The Social-Media-Examined Life Is Not the One That Sustains Us

Recently, after giving a talk on the effects of this technological age, I was asked what visions we might offer to counter the false public personas, portrayals and projections shared on social media. One suggestion I gave is to focus on the joys of everyday, ordinary life to counter the romantic notion that in order to serve God well we must “do big things” and “change the world.” The truth is that we serve God best when we love our neighbors and each other faithfully and well in whatever ways God calls us.  

Southern Baptists Head to Annual Meeting at Crossroads on Race, Gender

The upcoming annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention promises to be a reckoning for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Data released in May shows that the denomination has lost 2.3 million members since 2006. Despite efforts to beef up evangelism, a drop in membership of 2 percent in 2018-2019 represents the largest single-year decline in more than a century.