Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

'The Book of Redemption': A Once-Forgotten Ledger Preserves a Legacy of Hope 100 Years after Tulsa Race Massacre

As Americans commemorate the Tusla race massacre’s centennial, the Museum of the Bible will release a video series that will give the members of the Vernon Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church community, the only surviving Black business in that area from 1921, a platform to tell their story.

Christians Are Called to Speak the Truth and to Serve

There is a strong consensus that American democracy is in trouble and very few look to people of faith to help bridge the divide and solve our biggest problems. I think it is for a time like this that Christians are called to the public square, but not in the ways that we have traditionally approached it. These times call out for people who understand that our cries for justice have to be accompanied by a humble and merciful spirit.

A True Constitutional Crisis: Who Is Really Bonkers?

Americans cherish what most of the world craves: civil protection that allows the individual to flourish under a government that can only exist by the consent of the governed. So, when the President of the United States declared on Thursday, 8 April 2021 that, "No amendment to the Constitution is absolute," his remarks, without explanation, sent a chilling message to many Americans.

Justice for SBC Sexual Abuse Victims: A Call for an Investigatory Commission

Over two years have passed since the “Abuse of Faith” investigatory series brought wide media attention to the long-standing, pervasive SBC problem of clergy sex abuse and church cover-ups. The investigation also found that the very structure of the SBC “enabled predators to move undetected and stifled reforms to prevent abuse.” Faced with such devastating findings, you might imagine a responsible institution would do everything in its power to try to ascertain the scope of the problem, effectively address it and reach out to other survivors. But that hasn’t happened; the SBC’s response has been anemic.

No, AT&T Stadium Will Not Be Misused—It Will Be Rented, Paid for and Filled, for All the Right Reasons

It was surprising that the nation’s second-largest newspaper, USA Today, turned over its platform to an opinion writer to mainstream anti-Christian hate by calling for the cancellation of a Christian service at AT&T Stadium in July. What provoked the hate unleashed on Christians in this editorial? Promise Keepers CEO Ken Harrison's call for men to come to AT&T Stadium to become better men, husbands, fathers, and members of their churches and communities.

How to Spot Bias in the News

Bias in the news media is only going to grow more pronounced in the coming years. Rather than spending our time decrying it, we should learn how to spot it and how to learn from it. As followers of Jesus, understanding the bias of the world around us not only helps us better understand the news that we see each day, but it also helps us gain a better understanding of the people we are trying to reach.

Wear Your Faith in Christ Proudly

We often support causes and campaigns that benefit our lives. There is no greater blessing, no more powerful benefit, than following Jesus. We can search our entire lives for sources of happiness. Each one – each bumper sticker, button, yard sign, even vote – are not what our hope is based in.