Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Honoring Those Who Maintain Our More Perfect Union

Americans set Memorial Day aside as a time of reflection, appreciation and remembrance. We honor our fallen so their sacrifice will not have been in vain. We remember in order to secure our great nation and our way of life. Likewise, as Christians, we remember, honor and value the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to secure our eternal destiny and purpose for living here on earth. We remember the sacrifice He gave in order to ensure eternal life for those who call out to Him and recognize Him as Savior.

Christians Should Understand Better Than Anyone the Depth of Love Behind the Ultimate Sacrifice

Memorial Day is a sacred day to reflect and give thanks to these heroes who have purchased with their lives the lives we enjoy today. For Christians, It’s the greatest modern-day illustration of how much Jesus loves us and wants us to be free from sin, pain, and death.

Gun Control Isn't All-or-Nothing, but a Sacred Trust

I have almost nothing beyond words and sorrows to offer the people who lost children today, yesterday, or tomorrow, except this...

Let Dead Terrorist Groups Lie

There have been recent reports that the Biden administration is planning to remove five groups from the U.S.' foreign terrorist blacklist. Each of these groups is now considered defunct. But it's strange that if they are defunct anyway, why anyone would worry about delisting them. It's better to let dead terror groups lie.

With New Anti-Abortion Laws Passing, Is the Church Prepared?

The Church has remained mostly on the sidelines of the abortion issue in fear of being seen as “too political.” When they do decide to “get involved,” their involvement, ironically, is primarily political. Christians ought not to see the life issue through a political lens but through a discipleship lens. Instead, Christians must begin to recognize discipleship as a critical tool in the fight to end abortion, because if we are to truly “end abortion,” the long-term support and transformational power of discipleship are irreplaceable.

Why I Believe Generation Z Will Be the Most Influential Generation We Have Ever Witnessed

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” If this statement by The New York Times best-selling author and speaker John Maxwell is close to being true, then the leadership potential of Generation Z is huge because they are influencing the world.

The Best Way to Support Ukrainians Is to Protect the Freedoms We Currently Enjoy

In this time of widespread deception and the rise of authoritarianism, it’s difficult to know where to turn for the truth or security. But please don't imagine that Russian tanks are a greater force than the Spirit of God. I assure you they are not. The threats of dictators—no matter the nation—do not intimidate our Lord, but they do create instability in our world. But in those struggles, there are opportunities. That is the story of Scripture.

A Lineage of Motherhood for the Modern Woman

With the miracle of creating new life also comes the weight of responsibility, the potential for heartbreak and the constant call to pray and surrender. The biblical tradition provides unique examples of motherhood that we would do well to follow regardless of our personal beliefs.

There Are Moms Who Need Extra Help This Mother's Day

My prayer is that everyone reading this would feel compelled to make this Mother’s Day bright by lending a hand to a struggling mom. If we each reach beyond ourselves to help some of these in their plight, we’ll make someone’s Mother’s Day so much brighter.

Loving Your Mother to Death: Honoring Your Mother While She Is Alive and Vibrant Is Crucial in the Kingdom

Loving a mother is forever, from the first moment you become aware of her presence to the last breath you yourself take on this planet. The most difficult time to love her is, of course, at the time of her demise and death. Honoring your mother while she is alive and vibrant, providing thoughtful gifts, phone calls, shared meals, and loving cards, is important.