Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Don’t Say Patience, an Advent Devotional

There is a good reason so many people jump to patience as their lesson of the season: it is a lesson that always bears repeating!

Now I Know How Jacob Felt

While it wasn’t Joseph’s plan or desire to be sold into slavery in Egypt, eventually, he realized that it was his destiny.

Massive Global Response for Christians to “Flood God’s Inbox” Praying for Miracles in Israel this Chanukah Continues with a Call to Light Candles in Solidarity

“Christians around the world can join the Jewish people in these public celebrations by lighting a candle in a place that’s visible to the public, recognizing that God alone deserves recognition for these miracles, and that just as He has protected Israel in the past, He will do so today and in the future."

Who Are the Innocent Palestinians?

Spoiler alert in case you don’t care or have time for the details: the poll shows that Palestinian Arabs roundly support terror against Israel, reject peace with Israel, and deny Israel’s very right to exist.

For They Shall See God: Seeing Christ in Christmas

As I celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, my prayer is that my heart will always be full of a profound understanding of the significance of that moment and will always beat with anticipation of what God is going to do next.

World AIDS Day 2023 and South Africa

As the world pauses to reflect on this disease that has affected so many, consider ways you can come alongside those who are effectively addressing AIDS and the ones who suffer from its wide-ranging reach.

Hamas' Cinematic Charade: Unraveling the 'Pallywood' Propaganda

Pallywood productions are received, celebrated, and shared around the world today, and people accept them as if it’s video and historical gospel rather than the fake productions they are.