Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Loving Your Mother to Death: Honoring Your Mother While She Is Alive and Vibrant Is Crucial in the Kingdom

Loving a mother is forever, from the first moment you become aware of her presence to the last breath you yourself take on this planet. The most difficult time to love her is, of course, at the time of her demise and death. Honoring your mother while she is alive and vibrant, providing thoughtful gifts, phone calls, shared meals, and loving cards, is important.

The Storms That Are Necessary to Lift Us Higher

Ezekiel discovered what our generation must discover: God can be found in the midst of the storm! God’s purpose for Ezekiel’s life flowed out of the storm he was living in and from the storm of God’s presence he witnessed. The turbulent events that landed Zeke in Babylon were used by God to position him for a visitation. The pain of his imprisonment opened the door for his destiny. We would have never heard of Ezekiel without the storms he encountered.

If We Want to Prevent Human Trafficking, We Need to Focus on Older-Child Adoption

Many of us have started moving on from the pandemic. We’re at the two-year mark now, cases are dropping, and we’ve started living our normal lives again. But for so many, this return to normalcy is impossible. Human trafficking spiked during the pandemic, as did the sheer number of those vulnerable to traffickers. And hundreds of thousands of these newly-vulnerable people all over the world are just children.

Delivering Hope in Times of Crisis

At a time when everyone is frightened and no one knows what to expect, with many unanswered questions, it is so helpful that we have the unchanging Word of God to share. While we can’t provide answers about the immediate future, we can provide bedrock truth about the hope of eternity. And while we have no guarantees of peace in this lifetime, we can share about the Prince of Peace who will guard our hearts and keep our minds at perfect peace when our thoughts are focused on Him.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day

As we mark the 10th anniversary of the first official World Down Syndrome Day, established on March 21, 2012, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of the amazing ministries working together to serve individuals with Down syndrome, including people like my brother Johnny. He was the delight of our family, and I am so glad that my parents recognized his value and worth and taught us to never let a disability define anyone.