Snowflake Adoption Is Wonderful, but it Is Not the Solution

A Petri dish, why snowflake adoption is wonderful but not a solution

Snowflake adoptions involve adopting and implanting frozen embryos “left over” after IVF. Like pregnancy care centers that offer redemptive ways for people to confront the issue of abortion, embryo adoption is an amazing and redemptive response to a pre-existing brokenness. It’s not accurate, however, to call it a “solution.” Here’s why.

One Couple's Decision to Forgo IVF

One Couple's Decision to Forgo IVF

In a culture that views children as products instead of image-bearers, many Christians feel lost when faced with fertility issues. The Church has, too often, simply failed young couples in this area, both in communicating a theology of children and in helping them navigate the ethical challenges of infertility.

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