The God Committee and Our Call to Play God

Our culture often makes the mistake of asking if we can do something before asking if we should and then determining that if we can do something, that’s all the reason we need to know that we should do it. That is playing God outside of the limits that He gave us. The confidence that we hold in our abilities is simply misplaced and we overlook the consequences of our decisions.

The Simulation Hypothesis: A Materialist Spirituality?

It’s telling how often advocates of the simulation hypothesis, the idea that we are all living in a simulation, utilize religious and spiritual language. Having reduced themselves to computer programs, they still speak of transcendence, resurrection, morality, and eternal life. Sometimes they talk of our supposed programmers in a way that sounds an awful lot like worship. In the end, maybe the best evidence against this bizarre and complicated version of materialism is that those who use it cannot resist simulating spiritual reality, even while attempting to explain it away.

Cuba's Communism Is Cracking

We should continue to pray and advocate for the people of Cuba in any way we can. And, we should take seriously the advice offered by Cuban-American Mike Gonzalez, in a recent interview on a World News Group podcast, when asked how Americans can help. Gonzalez said, “Ultimately, what Americans can do is remain free. We must remain free ourselves. We cannot help anybody, we’re not going to be the symbol of anything if we don’t ourselves remain free … America must continue to be the beacon of freedom.”