The Simulation Hypothesis: A Materialist Spirituality?

a person wearing a VR headset, the simulation hypothesis

It’s telling how often advocates of the simulation hypothesis, the idea that we are all living in a simulation, utilize religious and spiritual language. Having reduced themselves to computer programs, they still speak of transcendence, resurrection, morality, and eternal life. Sometimes they talk of our supposed programmers in a way that sounds an awful lot like worship. In the end, maybe the best evidence against this bizarre and complicated version of materialism is that those who use it cannot resist simulating spiritual reality, even while attempting to explain it away.

Jane Goodall Sees Intelligent Design but Misses God's Image

Jane Goodall, Goodall sees intelligent design but misses God's image

Jane Goodall recently won the 2021 Templeton Prize. The prize honors those who "harness the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind’s place and purpose within it." Goodall is a longtime supporter of the Great Apes Personhood project, which seeks to confer human rights on primates. For all Goodall's talk of "intelligence," "purpose," and a "spark of divine energy" in living things, she seems to miss the utterly unique place of human beings in creation.

Evolution Evangelists Skirt Evidence, Commemorate Darwin's Descent of Man

Evolution of man

When asked how we can know that the current evolutionary narrative is true, scientist explainers quickly point to the fossil record and our nearest animal relatives, the great apes. However, as a recent study in the journal Science points out, the actual physical evidence for what the late philosopher Michael Stove has called “fables of evolution” is in scant supply.

Turning Chemicals into Code: $10 Million to Do the Impossible

Science lab

How difficult is it to produce a living cell from scratch? A while back, Shane Morris asked synthetic-organic chemist James Tour this very question. Dr. Tour replied that anyone who claims we’re close to building a cell, even in the most ideal of circumstances, “has no idea what they’re talking about.” The bottom line? The origin of life and of the information that makes it possible remain the most significant challenge to a naturalistic worldview. The only plausible explanation for how these incredible systems came into being is intelligent design.

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