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Why the Idea of Human Exceptionalism Ruffles Feathers

A crow on a rock, why the idea of human exceptionalism ruffles feathers

Scientists who assume that human exceptionalism is a religious hang-up will see any animal spotted resembling human behavior as evidence that there’s nothing exceptional about humans. This same commitment to disproving human exceptionalism is also at work in the search for extraterrestrial life. The view that best corresponds to reality is the Biblical view, described by the audacious proclamation of Psalm 8, that humans were created “little less than God ... and crown[ed] with glory and honor,” and the audacious job description described in Genesis, that humans have “dominion” over all creation, including the “birds of the air.”

Intelligent Design Passes Peer Review: Life Is Fine-Tuned

A DNA strand, scientist share evidence for creationism

In a new analysis, scienists ask a simple question: Can we detect “fine-tuning” in biology as we can in physics? In answering this question the scientists found for the first time, a statistical framework for determining whether certain features in living things are fine-tuned or were “evolve-able.” Using this method, they demonstrate how functional proteins, cellular networks, and the biochemical machines found in cells exhibit evidence of “design.”

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