Christian Worship Song Emerges as Anthem for Hong Kong Protests

The year Linda Lee Stassen-Benjamin penned the Christian worship song, “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord,” OPEC ended its oil embargo against the United States, America and Russia met to discuss nuclear disarmament, India tested an atomic device and President Richard Nixon resigned after being impeached during the Watergate scandal. It was 1974 and the cost of a first-class stamp was just 8 cents.

CA Christians Believe Resolution May Force Religious Leaders to Accept LGBTQ Lifestyles

On Tuesday, lawmakers in California listened to arguments on a proposed resolution that some California Christians believe would infringe on their religious liberties, according to CBN News.

Overcomer Earns Rare A+ CinemaScore, Opens in Top 5

The faith-based film Overcomer outpaced projections and opened in the Top 5 over the weekend while earning an A+ CinemaScore grade from moviegoers.

John Piper on Josh Harris, Apostasy and Eternal Security

In response to the news of former pastor Joshua Harris saying he is no longer a Christian, John Piper says Christians could “commit apostasy this afternoon and go to hell” if it were not for the grace of God.

VeggieTales Co-Creator Says Christian TV Shows Will Soon Need to Address LGBT Issues

The co-creator of VeggieTales says Christian television programming will one day have to address LGBT issues on their shows.

Christian Family Takes Refuge in Mountains after Expulsion from Their Home in Mexico

Miguel Pérez Díaz, his eight children and 87-year-old father have been living in a mountainside shack since May, when local officials expelled them from their village in Chiapas state, Mexico.

Chinese Churches Are Forced to Cancel Children's Summer Camps

As authorities in Mainland China continue their crackdown on Christian churches, Catholic dioceses in the north are reporting the Communist government is banning educational gatherings for kids, forcing churches to cancel summer camps.