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Twitter Bans Pro-Life Organization from Showing Pro-Life Ads

Live Action founder Lila Rose recently shared on Twitter that her organization has been banned from showing ads on the platform unless they delete the majority of the pro-life content on both their Twitter feed and their website. Rose’s announcement came after a lengthy back and forth with the social media giant in which Live Action repeatedly saw their ads banned by Twitter even though they contained similar content, but a different message from those run by Planned Parenthood.

Here's How to Be a Smarter Christian with Social Media

A major evangelical website recently reviewed a new book on the rise of technology in which the review lamented the challenges Christians face when navigating the digital world led by Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It was a helpful review of what seems to be a valuable book. But there was plenty of cyberspace irony. The title of the post was optimized for Google’s search algorithms. The review featured a “buy this book on Amazon” widget. And the website prominently displayed easy-to-link quotes to share on social platforms such as Facebook.

Such is digital life for Christians in the modern age. We have a love-hate relationship with the online realm. Everyone is dependent on technology, but everyone loathes some aspects of it. For example, it seems like every week one of my friends creates a Twitter thread about how he is going to quit Twitter (some for the third or fourth time). And I can’t count how many times I’ve seen an article about “Why I left social media, and how it made my life better” go viral on social media.

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