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Smartphone Addiction Causing Problems for Children, Teens, Parents

In a recent article by The Atlantic, Erika Christakis asserts that there is a growing epidemic of parents distracted by smartphones, unable to attend to the needs of their children.

This issue has grown more and more over the years, given the prevalence of smartphones and their presence in our daily lives. Not only is precious time being robbed from children, empathy and cognitive growth is as well.

The Atlantic quotes Temple University professor, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, saying, “Language is the single best predictor of school achievement… and the key to strong language skills are those back-and-forth fluent conversations between young children and adults.”

Hirsh-Pasek also states, “Toddlers cannot learn when we break the flow of conversations by picking up our cellphones or looking at the text that whizzes by our screens.”

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