Why the Division of the Sacred and Secular in Our Culture Is Heretical and Damaging

group of people marveling at sunrise, why the division of the sacred and secular is damaging

Henri Nouwen once observed that “Something very deep and mysterious, very holy and sacred, is taking place in our lives right where we are, and the more attentive we become, the more we will begin to see and hear it. The more our spiritual sensitivities come to the surface of our daily lives, the more we will discover—uncover—a new presence in our lives.”

How to Defend Christianity When Christians Fail

a person sitting in a field, Christians must seek personal integrity if we want make a public impact for the gospel

Many in our secular culture caricature Christians as weak. Friedrich Nietzsche warned that faith in God would keep us from becoming the “overcomers” we could and should be. Karl Marx taught that religion is the “opiate” of the masses subjugating them to their masters. “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,” is the way many people see our Savior.

But those who know Him know better.

The Rise of Secular Idolatry

People in the street, the rise of secular ideology

In 1789, French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille. The ensuing French Revolution tried to excise all vestiges of religion from French society. In October 1793, all public worship was forbidden, church bells were pulled down and melted, and crosses and relics were seized and sometimes destroyed. In their place rose the Cult of Reason which recognized no god but worshipped the goddess of reason in former churches now known as “temples of reason.”

Are we witnessing a similar movement today?

How to Stay When the World Says Leave

How to Stay When the World Says Leave

The Church is not above our critique, of course, but too many who embrace the habit of criticizing her soon find themselves as no longer part of her. Make no mistake, the Church is Christ’s bride. She will outlast the world. As her members, we work toward her sanctification, but we should be incredibly wary about shouting her imperfections from the pews, especially to those outside the building. We heckle this Bride at our eternal peril.

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