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The Power and Appeal of Unconditional Love

Yesterday, we focused on God’s call to trust him not just for our salvation but also for our sanctification, yielding every dimension of our lives to his lordship. As Oswald Chambers noted, our Lord “never asks us to decide for him, but to yield to him, a very different thing.”

Today, let’s consider the countercultural nature of such a lifestyle, then we’ll focus on two simple but transforming ways to “yield” our lives fully to our Lor

Will the Pandemic Accelerate Secularization, Privatization of Religion?

Baylor historian Philip Jenkins predicts that in the people will think about church in terms of “BC…Before Coronavirus,” and after.

The key factor in Jenkin’s fascinating analysis is what we might call “pre-existing conditions.” In other words, in many ways, the coronavirus hasn’t so much created problems for the Church as it has revealed and accelerated them.

Skateboarding, secular missionaries spread their gospel abroad

Christian missionaries are the ones so often depicted as judgmental and dismissive of native cultures. The history of Christian missions certainly does include bad ideas about native peoples and bad behavior by those tasked with bringing the Good News to them. Still, today, it’s Western liberal secularists leading the way in being judgmental and dismissive of native cultures.

The Problem with Millennials … We Might Not Like the Answer

The infamous “Millennials” are the generational cohort born between 1980 and 1997, and they may be most-overanalyzed demographic group in American history. Unlike previous holders of that title, the “Baby Boomers,” most of the analysis of the Millennials has been negative, and has included words like “privileged, narcissistic, entitled, [and] spoiled.” That’s quite a cynical conclusion about more than eighty million people.

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