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Christian Group Gives $100K for Legal Fees to Ruby Star Fired for Traditional View on Marriage

A conservative Christian advocacy group in Australia has donated $100,000 to help prominent rugby star Israel Folau in his legal battle against being fired for posting a religious message on social media. The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) used its platform to set up another donations page after popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe pulled the plug on Folau’s campaign, citing a violation of user policy.

Australian Catholic Schools to Teach that God Is 'Gender-Neutral'

Catholic schools in Brisbane will soon begin teaching their students gender-neutral pronouns for God and will stop using “Lord,” “Father,” and “Son” in prayers. The Daily Mail reports that schools such as All Hallows, Stuartholme, Loreto College, and Stuartholme School “are leading a push towards a feminist interpretation of the Christian Bible.”

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