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Survivor Remembers the Tulsa Race Massacre: A Redemptive Step That Can Help to Heal Our Nation

Black Wall Street Memorial

If you’re like many white Americans, you knew little (if anything) about the Tulsa Race Massacre before recent days and weeks. We can therefore speak and act in ways that communicate racist messages and deepen racist divisions without knowing we are doing so. Here we see the wisdom of the early Christians in selecting believers from the Greek-speaking part of the church to lead in responding to the needs of Greek-speaking members. These leaders could speak for those they represented and help the church minister holistically with greater effectiveness. I am convinced that every church, ministry, and organization in America should follow their example. Here’s how.

'The Book of Redemption': A Once-Forgotten Ledger Preserves a Legacy of Hope 100 Years after Tulsa Race Massacre

AME church, Remembering the Tulsa Race massacre

As Americans commemorate the Tusla race massacre’s centennial, the Museum of the Bible will release a video series that will give the members of the Vernon Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church community, the only surviving Black business in that area from 1921, a platform to tell their story.

Kellogg's Feeds Children LGBTQ Agenda

Corn Flakes box, Kellogg’s Feeds Children LGBTQ Agenda

Kellogg's is working with LGBT advocacy group GLADD to celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June. This move has caused a lot of parents to push back against company for taking up a political agenda. But the real controversy isn’t that Kellogg’s is peddling gender confusion. The deeper issue is why the woke folk at GLAAD—who are hell-bent on fighting racism, are happy to take money from the Kellogg’s company whose creator, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, was an “extremely racist person” and a leader in the now-discredited eugenics movement.