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The Master Designer—the Song: Nothing Comes from Nothing

A popular scientist, podcaster and self-proclaimed devotee of New Atheism was recently asked which scientific suppositions he holds most dear. While he wasn't sure which supposition to pick, he did offer his belief that the world is totally understandable, the idea that we could eventually find every answer to every question through scientific investigation and that there was no Divine intervention or starting point required to explain life.

Could This Beauty Be for Us?: Natural Artistry Defies Darwinism

The wings of a bird, the colors of a butterfly, and the patterns on a seashell defy the theory of Darwinian evolution. Many of us intuit, simply by looking at the splendor that permeates the natural world, that there must be some agent involved other than blind mutations or mere survival-of-the-fittest mechanisms. And now, it seems, some scientists are beginning to accept that intuition, finally admitting that beauty cannot be explained by the theory of evolution, at least as we know it.

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