Down Syndrome

British Doctors Order 'Do No Resuscitate' Those with Mental Disabilities

A woman with Down Syndrome, English doctors are ordered not to resuscitate COVID-19 patents with mental impairments

During the first wave of the pandemic in Great Britain, various facilities that care for people with intellectual disabilities, what the Brits call “learning disabilities,” issued blanket “Do Not Resuscitate” orders. These orders came, according to one source, directly from doctors, without consulting the patients or their families.

Chris Nikic (Who Has Down Syndrome) Completes Ironman. More Importantly, He Bears God's Image

Chris Nikic, Nikic becomes the first man with Down syndrome to complete the Ironman triathlon

A recent Christian Post article described how women, 69 percent of the time, are immediately offered an abortion when their child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero. If they decline, they are asked again. And often, again. One woman reported being asked fifteen times! Government policies in countries like Iceland and Denmark have resulted in only a handful of children with Down Syndrome born each year. In fact, about 90 percent of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome in Europe are aborted. In the U.S., the best estimates are about 65 percent.

My Child With Down Syndrome Isn't a Political Statement — Nor Is Amy Coney Barrett's

Amy Coney Barrett, Barrett Defends Her Pro-Life Beliefs

Amy Coney Barrett is a pro-life justice whose youngest child received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. It might be easy to conclude that Barrett continued her pregnancy in order to live up to her ideology. But it is both overly simplistic and unfair to other parents of children with Down syndrome to conflate Barrett’s legal positions with her family choices.

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