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Michael Foust

Michael Foust

'Massive Evidence' Sodom's Destruction Was Caused by Meteor Explosion

A well-known Catholic theologian says new archaeological evidence of a meteor explosion long ago in Jordan aligns with the biblical description of Sodom and Gomorrah and that the location likely is the site of the ancient event of Scripture.

Is This What Jesus Looked Like? AI Uses Shroud of Turin to Create Life-Like Image

An AI company has released a life-like image of what Jesus may have looked like based on a computer analysis of the Shroud of Turin.

Teaching Kids Theology Book: Book Gives Children the Foundation to Survive a Secular World

Thinking About God teaches kids the basic doctrines of the Bible in easy-to-understand language.

4 Outspoken Christians Land on Time Magazine's '100 Next' List for 2023

Time magazine’s annual “100 Next” list includes several outspoken Christians, such as the co-pastor of a prominent church, an NFL star and an astronaut.

Houston QB C.J. Stroud: 'My Purpose' Is 'to Spread the Gospel' through Football

One of the NFL's top rookie quarterbacks says he wants to use his talent to not only win games but to spread the Gospel of Christ.

Progressive Christianity 'Is the Greatest Threat' to the Church, Anglican Leader Says

A well-known Anglican leader and British social commentator is calling liberal Christianity one of the greatest threats to the faith, saying it twists the truth and is being used by Satan to deceive the church.

The Reverend Calvin Robinson, an Anglican deacon in the Free Church of England and a frequent writer and commentator in U.K. media, told Fox News that liberal or progressive Christianity is rooted in a lie. The Free Church of England is part of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, a conservative network of Anglicans. 

Skillet's John Cooper: Politicians Can't Fix America 'But Returning to God Can'

Rocker John Cooper says in a new video that America’s problems cannot be fixed by the politicians in Washington, D.C., but only by the country's citizens turning back to God and the country’s original “moral framework.”

“We have a deep spiritual problem in this country,” Cooper said in the video, posted on Instagram.

The frontman for the Grammy-nominated band Skillet, Cooper, decried the “stupidity” of the culture and said, “It is not something that politics can fix.” 

“No politician can fix this. Our politicians are pathetic,” he said. “They've done the most legendary job of screwing up the country and screwing up people and dividing everybody on the Right and the Left. ... They cannot fix what is going on.”

America, he said, has “turned our backs on God.”

Phil Robertson's Journey from Anger and Alcoholism to Christ Retold in The Blind

The businessman best known for the reality program Duck Dynasty says he allowed the darkest moments of his life to be depicted in a new movie so that unchurched people would come to Christ. 

The early life of Phil and Kay Robertson is re-told in the new movie The Blind (PG-13), which opens Sept. 28 and follows the couple’s blossoming romance and subsequent challenges due to his anger and alcoholism. The movie even shows Phil booting Kay and the children from their small home. It stars Aron von Andrian and Amelia Eve in the lead roles. His life changed when he became a Christian -- on the big screen and in real life. 

Phil Robertson told Christian Headlines he “never doubted” the idea of a movie, even though it depicts some of the darkest moments of his life. 

Deon Sanders Keeps Praising Jesus after First Loss: 'First and Foremost, I Thank the Lord'

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders maintained his faith-centric outlook on football after a blowout loss to Oregon Saturday, praising God in a postgame news conference and continuing that approach on social media, where he said he thanks Jesus, win or lose.

Jen Lilley of Great American Family Tells Fans: 'You Are Never Beyond Redemption'

Actress Jen Lilley is leaving Days of Our Lives after a decade on the series and says the character she portrayed taught her a lot about "empathy and grace."

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