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Michael Foust

Michael Foust

Dallas Jenkins Addresses Controversy over LGBT Pride Flag on Set: 'We Are Not a Church'

The creator and director of the hit Bible-based series The Chosen is responding to a social media controversy about an LGBT Pride flag spotted on set, saying the company employs Christians and non-Christians alike who are excellent at their craft.

Candace Cameron Bure: Let's 'Be Kind' As We Stand 'Up for God' and 'Represent Christ Well'

Christians must practice kindness as they stand up for Scripture because they are representing Jesus to a lost world, actress and author Candace Cameron Bure says.

Phil Robertson Is Baptizing People Who Hear His Bible Podcast: 'All I Do Is Preach'

The business patriarch who rose to stardom in Duck Dynasty says he regularly baptizes men and women who learned of Christ through his popular Bible-themed podcast and that the crowds he attracts are the result of the Gospel's power.

Nigeria-Born Blessing Offor Is Grateful after Receiving Green Card: 'God Bless America'

Popular Christian singer Blessing Offor is crediting God's grace and is singing patriotic tunes after he received a green card that will allow him to stay in the United States and continue to use his talents there.

James MacDonald Needs to Repent and 'Stop Hurting People,' Julie Roys Says

Investigative journalist Julie Roys says she hopes Harvest Bible Chapel founder James MacDonald repents, stops “hurting people” and restores broken relationships in light of an assault charge that could land him in prison for seven years.

Dallas Jenkins Says The Chosen Won’t Be the End: 'We've Got Other Bible Stories to Tell'

The creator and director of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkinssays the company behind the hit television series likely will produce other stories based on the Bible when the final season ends.

Martin Scorsese to Make New Movie about Jesus, Says Pope Inspired Him

One of the most decorated filmmakers in Hollywood says he is planning to make another film about Jesus.

Martin Scorsese, a 14-time Oscar nominee, says he decided to make a film about Christ after meeting with Pope Francis during a cinematic event in Italy over the weekend.

Target Has Lost $11 Billion Since Boycott over LGBT Pride Merchandise

Target has lost more than $11 billion in market value since the start of a boycott over LGBT Pride merchandise that included trans pride items for children and items designed by a self-described Satanist.

Kershaw, Dodgers to Host 'Christian Faith' Day in Response to Drag Queen Nuns Controversy

Days after drawing the ire of the faith community for re-inviting a group of “drag queen nuns” to an LGBT Pride game, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced they would host a “Christian faith” day this summer.

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