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Michael Foust

Michael Foust

Journey to Bethlehem Trailer Releases: It's 'One of the Best Musicals I've Ever Been a Part of'

The official trailer for the groundbreaking Bible-based musical Journey to Bethlehem was released this week, showing the story of Mary and Joseph set to modern-style music in what the trailer bills as the "Greatest Story Ever Told."

Max Lucado Reveals Secret Battle with Alcohol in New Book: 'I Confessed my Hypocrisy'

In his new book, minister and author Max Lucado opens up about his past use of alcohol, saying he once drank beer to "manage" stress instead of asking the elders for help with his jam-packed schedule.

America’s Religious-Political Divide Could Threaten its Future, Gallup Scientist Warns

Frank Newport, a senior scientist at Gallup and the polling company’s former editor-in-chief, is warning that the strong demographic ties between religion and politics in the United States may have a detrimental impact on the country’s future.

Biden's Border Policies Are Fueling Child Sex Trafficking, Says Sound of Freedom Agent

Tim Ballard, whose story inspired the hit movie Sound of Freedom, told a U.S. Congressional panel Wednesday that the Biden administration's immigration policies along the southern border are “feeding the growth” of child sex trafficking.

Jill Duggar Dillard: My Father Treated 'My Pedophile Brother' Better Than Me

Jill Duggar Dillard opens up about her dispute with her parents in a new book, claiming her father treats her worse than he does her brother, Josh, who is serving 12.5 years in prison for possessing child pornography.

K.B. and Lecrae Remain 'Christian Brothers' 3 Years after Label Split, K.B. Says: 'I Look Up to Him'

Christian hip-hop artist K.B. says he and fellow artist Lecrae remain friends three years after he left Lecrae’s label Reach Records in order to sign a deal with Sony.

The 'World's First Christian Fan-Owned Movie Studio' Releases New Comedy, Camp Hideout

The new movie Camp Hideout, a PG-rated family comedy, will be released in theaters Sept. 15 across the United States. The film tells the story of a teenage boy named Noah who flees to a Christian summer camp in order to escape two clueless goons. There, Noah finds hope and purpose. It stars Amanda Leighton (This Is Us, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!), Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future trilogy). Sean Olson (F.R.E.D.I., Max Winslow and the House of Secrets) directed it.

Travis Tritt Testifies of God’s Grace on Gospel Album: Jesus Brought Me ‘Back into the Fold’

Grammy-winning country music artist Travis Tritt is gearing up to release his newest album, Country ChapelThe record, which he says has been “30 years in the making,” is a departure from his typical album full of country hits, exploring the world of gospel music instead.

Sound of Freedom Rises to No. 1 in 19 Countries: It's a 'Global Movement for Change'

Sound of Freedom is a bonafide international hit. In recent days, the film has climbed to No. 1 on opening weekend in 19 countries, including New Zealand and Mexico, and No. 2 in Australia and South Africa. It opened at No. 4 in the United Kingdom.

Coco Gauff Kneels in Prayer, Thanks God after U.S. Open Title: 'I'm So Blessed in this Life'

Teenage tennis sensation Coco Gauff won the first major tournament of her young career Saturday, and then bowed down in prayer as thousands in the arena and millions on television watched.