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Michael Foust

Michael Foust

Divine Influencer Urges Christians to Shine Christ's Light on Social Media, Director Says

Two of the top female names in faith-based entertainment have teamed up on a new movie that puts a biblical spin on the term "influencer."

Andy Stanley's Church to Host LGBT-Affirming Conference

An upcoming conference hosted by Andy Stanley’s church for ministry leaders and parents of LGBTQ children is being called a “clear and tragic departure from Biblical Christianity” by a prominent evangelical leader, who says the lineup of speakers reveals the event’s theological position.

Professor's Dramatic Conversion from Skeptic to Christian Unfolds in Surprised by Oxford

The award-winning professor whose transformation from agnosticism to Christianity is portrayed in an upcoming film says she wants her story to lead moviegoers to ask the “big questions” of life, just as she did when she enrolled at Oxford University as a skeptic of faith.

Great American Family Unveils Christmas Lineup: Record 20 Movies This Season

Great American Family has announced its 2023 Christmas movie lineup. This year, the network will air a record 20 new original movies this holiday season, beginning Oct. 21 and running through the end of December.

Trump Moves to Center on Abortion: Says He Opposes Heartbeat Bans, Wants Compromise

Former president Donald Trump received pushback from prominent pro-life leaders over the weekend when he said he opposes Florida's heartbeat abortion ban and added that he wants to work toward a nationwide compromise on the issue, perhaps around 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Judge Blocks School's Policy That Hides Gender Info from Parents

A federal judge handed parental rights groups a major victory in California Thursday, blocking enforcement of a local school district policy that prevents teachers from telling parents if their child begins identifying under a different gender.

Journey to Bethlehem Trailer Releases: It's 'One of the Best Musicals I've Ever Been a Part of'

The official trailer for the groundbreaking Bible-based musical Journey to Bethlehem was released this week, showing the story of Mary and Joseph set to modern-style music in what the trailer bills as the "Greatest Story Ever Told."

Max Lucado Reveals Secret Battle with Alcohol in New Book: 'I Confessed my Hypocrisy'

In his new book, minister and author Max Lucado opens up about his past use of alcohol, saying he once drank beer to "manage" stress instead of asking the elders for help with his jam-packed schedule.

America’s Religious-Political Divide Could Threaten its Future, Gallup Scientist Warns

Frank Newport, a senior scientist at Gallup and the polling company’s former editor-in-chief, is warning that the strong demographic ties between religion and politics in the United States may have a detrimental impact on the country’s future.

Biden's Border Policies Are Fueling Child Sex Trafficking, Says Sound of Freedom Agent

Tim Ballard, whose story inspired the hit movie Sound of Freedom, told a U.S. Congressional panel Wednesday that the Biden administration's immigration policies along the southern border are “feeding the growth” of child sex trafficking.