Maina Mwaura

Maina Mwaura

'We Will Get Through This Time': Lynne Cheney Says God Has His Hand on America

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Lynne Cheney opens up about her new book which explores the faith and history surrounding America's founding fathers.

'I'm Thankful for God's Faithfulness': Natalie Grant Thanks God for Restoring Her Voice following Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

In an interview with Chrisitan Headlines, singer Natalie Grant thanked God for resorting her voice following her thyroid cancer diagnosis.

'I'm a Christian First and Republican Next': Vice President Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Atlanta

While on the campaign trail this week, Vice President Mike Pence visited Atlanta, Georgia. Christian Headlines was invited to travel alongside the Vice President during his visit.

Pastors James Roberson, Jon Tyson Share How God Has Helped Them Minister in NYC amid COVID-19

New York pastors James Roberson and Jon Tyson opened up in a recent interview with Christian Headlines about what God has revealed to them amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former MLB Player Otis Nixon, Pastor Barry Howard Discuss the Church's Role in the Fight for Racial Equality

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Otis Nixon and Dr. Barry Howard discuss the church's important role in promoting racial unity and equality.

Chris Tomlin Celebrate Release of His 13th Studio Album, Chris Tomlin & Friends

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Chris Tomlin is opening up about his newest studio album.

'When We Trust God, We Shouldn't Fear Anything': Ed Young Asserts America Is Facing the Virus of Fear

In an interview with Christian Headlines, megachurch pastor Ed Young breaks down the virus of fear facing America.

Richard Ross Compares 2020 to 1968, Questions If a Spiritual Revival Is Imminent

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Richard Ross compares the year 2020 to 1968 and ponders over if there will be a spiritual revival like there was following the unrest in '68.