Maina Mwaura

Maina Mwaura

Why Christians Should Desire to Serve Others

As Christ-followers, our supreme leader is Jesus who has not only modeled to us how to serve others through stories such as the Feeding of the 5,000, but he has also made it clear that we are to serve in all seasons. Whether there is one person or 5,000 in need, we have been called to serve so that we can share the love of Christ.

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'There Is Hope on the Way,’ Surgeon General Jerome Adams Says of COVID-19 Vaccines

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First-of-Its-Kind Book, Eyewitness, Explores the Bible Though Narrative Story Telling, Visual Design

The new book Eyewitness offers a new and innovative way of learning about the Bible. Eyewitness offers both a narrative and a visual experience for 35 well-known Bible stories.

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