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5 Christian Leaders' Responses to Natural Disasters

Our world has suffered a number of natural disasters recently: two major hurricanes devastated areas of the U.S., and earthquake in Mexico claimed nearly 100 lives, just to name a few. As Christians, these kinds of events can threaten to shake our faith. How are we to interpret them? Is God angry at the world? Is He trying to teach us something? Is He punishing us? These five Christian leaders offer some insight into how to view natural disasters from a biblical perspective. Hopefully these quotes will strengthen your faith and encourage you that God is in control no matter what. <p><p> Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/whiteson

Here is What 10 Christian Leaders Had to Say on the Issue of Racial Equality

The U.S.--and the world--has been wrestling with issues of racial equality for centuries. In America in recent times, the issues of racism and equality have been particularly at the forefront of our national discourse. Following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, many Christian leaders spoke out about racism, reconciliation, and what the Church's role ought to be in all of this. Ultimately, many Christian leaders have acknowledged that there is much injustice to face and much work to be done, but that the Gospel is essential to true and lasting reconciliation. Here are 10 quotes from Christian leaders on the issues of racism, equality, and what the Church can do to work for justice and unity. <p><p>Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/francescoch

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