5 Christian Leaders' Responses to Natural Disasters

5 Christian Leaders' Responses to Natural Disasters
Our world has suffered a number of natural disasters recently: two major hurricanes devastated areas of the U.S., and earthquake in Mexico claimed nearly 100 lives, just to name a few. As Christians, these kinds of events can threaten to shake our faith. How are we to interpret them? Is God angry at the world? Is He trying to teach us something? Is He punishing us? These five Christian leaders offer some insight into how to view natural disasters from a biblical perspective. Hopefully these quotes will strengthen your faith and encourage you that God is in control no matter what.

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1. Rev. Billy Graham

"God certainly can use natural disasters to speak to us—just as He can use other difficulties and tragedies to turn our hearts toward Him.

Disasters also can remind us of our need to help others, and not just be concerned about ourselves and our problems. Not long after Hurricane Katrina devastated large parts of New Orleans, my son Franklin and I visited the affected area. I will never forget the way that disaster brought people from different backgrounds together, especially in the churches. The Bible says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

We don’t necessarily know why God allows natural disasters to occur; sometimes Satan seems to have a hand in them. But the time to prepare for life’s crises is now, not when they strike. Is your faith and trust in Christ, and are you seeking to live for Him every day, no matter what happens."


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