Why Marx Gets a Pass

Karl Marx, Why does Marx get a pass?

Perhaps the most important lesson we can take from the embrace of Marxism is that when it comes to the ideas that populate our worldviews, it’s not enough that they sound nice and feel right. Ideas wouldn’t matter if they stayed in slogans and manifestos. But they don’t. They grow feet and hands, drive armies and policy, and have consequences for real people in the real world.

'Luxury Beliefs' Are Status Symbols for Cultural Elites More than Blueprints for How to Live

a woman in a city standing on a balcony, Luxury Beliefs

According to one Cambridge academic, permissive attitudes about sex, marriage, drugs, and religion are “luxury beliefs; more status symbols for cultural elites than blueprints for the way they live. Rob Henderson first floated the idea of “luxury beliefs” in an essay in the New York Post, later at Quillette, and most recently in a podcast. He argues that beliefs that tend to be disastrous for poor and middle-class communities have become the modern equivalent of buying expensive clothes or hiring servants. It’s a way of showing off your wealth and signaling your status to fellow members of the upper class.

God Already Knows Our 'Private Sins'

God Already Knows Our 'Private Sins'

When we yield to temptation, we don’t want others to know it. We want to maintain the façade of external godliness. It's like we are living under a false identity, projecting an image to the world that is untrue to our real selves. And we think we are getting away with our “private” sin. So long as no one sees our hidden sins, no one needs to know. But Someone does.

How Should Christians Respond to the Normalization of Sin?

How Should Christians Respond to the Normalization of Sin?

If we will pray for boldness to stand courageously and compassionately for biblical morality, our Lord will always answer our prayers (cf. Acts 4:29-31). If we will ask the Spirit to help us use our influence to lead others to truth and transformation in Christ, he will empower and employ us in ways we may not fully understand on this side of eternity (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Church Planting and Leading in a Liminal Space: Deeper Discipleship for a Lifelong Journey

A woman walking through a hallway, church planting and leading through liminal space

The COVID-induced liminal space in which we now live is inviting us to create gospel beauty and hope even as we walk the long corridor toward the door that will lead us to a post-pandemic world. Here are just two things I have noticed in this space and how I believe we can refashion it into opportunities for evangelism, deeper discipleship, and community.

The Problem with Mark Zuckerberg's 'Metaverse'

people wearing virtual reality headsets, the problem with Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse

A few weeks ago, the billionaire founder of Facebook announced the company’s new venture, “Meta.” The idea is to create a world of simulations in which people can, broadly, live their lives. Zuckerberg imagines that, using VR technology, people would be able to “go to the office” or “visit family and friends” or do almost anything in simulated or half-simulated places. One glaring problem with the metaverse idea is that it encourages us, at least implicitly, to forget our bodies.

Christians Must Work to Represent God before the World

A woman holding a Bible and talking to friends, Three steps to conversations that affect eternity

Yesterday we looked at our nation through the prism of Hosea 4, identifying ways the sins of ancient Israel are being practiced and even celebrated in our secularized culture today. As a result, I noted, the divine judgment Israel experienced is one we are presumptuous not to fear for our country. America’s Christians therefore have a vital and urgent task. We are watchmen on the wall, warning those inside the city of impending danger (Ezekiel 3:17-21).