Betting on March Madness: The Problem with Young Men

Betting on March Madness: The Problem with Young Men

The legalization and growth of online gambling has coincided with the legalization of recreational marijuana. This is no coincidence. After all, laws are mostly downstream from the larger culture, and these laws do far more to expand personal license. Rather, they reflect and reinforce an unmistakable message, especially to young men, to aim low, to think short-term thoughts about life and the world, to pursue immediate gratification, and to not aspire to too much.

The Pathway to Ending the Pandemic 'Goes Through Evangelicals,' Theologian Says

COVID-19 vaccine, should Christians take the J&J vaccine?

Curtis Chang, a senior fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary and the founder of Redeeming Babel, launched a website this month to help Christians understand the COVID-19 vaccine through a Biblical lens. The website provides short, easy-to-understand videos that answer common questions evangelicals often have about the vaccine. Among them: Should Christians take the vaccine? Is the Covid vaccine the mark of the beast? Should pro-lifers be pro-vaccine? Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

4 Steps to Relationships That Transform

A kid holding a Buzz Lightyear and Woody toy, steps to relationships that transform

Would you join me in praying for the humility to learn from those with whom you disagree and the courage to share biblical truth with them? Would you ask the Lord to lead you today to the people he has already prepared for your engagement? Would you trust him to use you to plant trees you may never sit under and to use your faithfulness for his glory and their eternal good?

Ending Organ Transplant Discrimination Against Those with Disabilities

A woman with a disability, Ending Organ Transplant Discrimination Against Those with Disabilities

Today, 16 states ban the discrimination of people with intellectual disabilities, with similar measures pending in eight other states and in Congress. Still, these laws face an uphill battle, even if passed. As the head of the National Council on Disabilities admitted, the real goal of these laws is to inspire “a change of heart so people understand that they are discriminating.”

Don Lemon Condemns Vatican’s Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Don Lemon, Lemon condemns Vatican's stance on same-sex marriage

In an interview with The View co-hosts, CNN host Don Lemon essentially argued that you are welcomed to your beliefs in God unless someone disagrees. If anyone considers your beliefs to be hurtful to anyone, they must therefore be hurtful. And if they are hurtful, they must be disallowed. As the opposition to biblical morality rises, the simplest, easiest thing for Christians to do in the months and years to come will be to agree with Don Lemon.