The Real Divide: Women Who Preach Versus Women Who Pastor

As the news recently stated, “Controversy began to swirl when popular Bible teacher Beth Moore, a Southern Baptist, mentioned in a tweet that she would be preaching at a Mother's Day church service.” It continued, “A group of male SBC leaders who are "complementarians"—those who oppose women in the pulpit—began expressing concerns that Moore was scheduled to speak on a panel during the conference on June 12.”

Pastor Platt... We Don’t Need to Apologize for Praying

In light of Pastor Platt’s apology for praying for the President in the Washington Times, I'm re-releasing this op-ed with a few additions. I was shocked to see an apology from pastor David to his congregation. Granted, I don’t have all of the information, nor do I understand all of the dynamics that took place. But, in most cases, we do not need to apologize for praying for our leaders.