One Person Can Make a Significant Difference

One Person Can Make a Significant Difference

When looking at nationwide trends for a country with a population of more than 331 million, it’s easy to feel like a very small fish in a very large ocean, and that feeling can make it tempting to believe your life can’t make much of a difference. Today, though, I’d like for us to take a few moments to discuss two reasons why it’s important to act as though you can.

What's America's Real Problem Concerning Race?

Voddie Baucham, Out problem is the discrepancy between social and biblical justice

I have pursued justice my entire Christian life. Yet I am about as “anti-social justice” as they come—not because I have abandoned my obligation to “strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14), but because I believe the current concept of social justice is incompatible with biblical Christianity.

Biden First US President to Acknowledge Deaths of Armenian Christians as Genocide: Why the Armenian Genocide Matters Today

The Armenian Genocide, Why Biden's decision to call the killing of Armenian Christians a genocide is significant

Given that modern-day Turkey desires to recreate the Ottoman Empire and reclaim its position of international significance, President Biden’s decision to reclassify the mass killings of Armenian Christians under the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as genocide is both significant and commendable.

Fresh Off Another Oscar Win, Pixar Looking to Cast its First Openly Transgender Character: How Should We Respond?

The transgender flag, Pixar is casting its first transgender character

The inclusion of characters in children’s programs who overtly embrace a lifestyle that runs counter to God’s truth as revealed in the Bible should not be taken lightly. The first such instances are often a test to see how far companies can push the limits before it begins to hurt their bottom line.