The Surprising Legacy of Doris Day: Why Service Changes the World

Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff was born on April 3, 1922. Known to the world as Doris Day, she recorded 650 songs and appeared in thirty-nine feature films. She was voted Top Box-Office Female Star for four straight years during the 1960s. Her television appearances spanned from 1949 to 2009. She received lifetime achievement awards from the Grammys and the Academy Awards. In 2004, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, her death yesterday at the age of ninety-seven was not announced by a Hollywood studio or record label—it came from the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

‘The Noblest and Most Precious Work’: Honoring and Encouraging Motherhood

On Mother’s Day, most of us take intentional time and effort to show our moms how much we love and appreciate them, and how much we’re thankful for their love and sacrifice. I’m not always as intentional as I should be about honoring the moms in my life, especially the one who gave me life and the one who’s currently doing the really heavy lifting caring for our kids.

Pastor Slams Those Who Say, 'We Shouldn’t Be Political - Just Preach the Gospel'

God has given us a wonderful gift known as America. The government isn't bad or good; her people determine success or failure. Why would God ordain our government and then not want us to steward His gift? Many have been guilty of not getting involved by saying, “We shouldn't say or do anything political. All we need to do is preach the gospel.” Be careful . . . although the gospel is our primary focus, this shouldn’t be an excuse against action.