Beijing city, Beijing has its sites on Hong Kong

It’s no coincidence that Xi Jinping doubled down on his own cult of personality and cracked down on religious freedom just as China’s economy began to slow.  The renewed call to Chinese nationalism from Beijing effectively distracted the population from growing economic worries and offered an effective pretext for cracking down on Hong Kong protestors, many of whom see their protesting as an outworking of their Christian faith and as something for which they are willing to die.

Will the Pandemic Accelerate Secularization, Privatization of Religion?

Baylor historian Philip Jenkins predicts that in the people will think about church in terms of “BC…Before Coronavirus,” and after.

The key factor in Jenkin’s fascinating analysis is what we might call “pre-existing conditions.” In other words, in many ways, the coronavirus hasn’t so much created problems for the Church as it has revealed and accelerated them.

Teach Your Kids to Love the Bible Today

If you’ve experienced the transformative nature of God’s Word in your own life, there’s no doubt you would want your children to have the same hunger in their lives. Since we as parents cannot guarantee our children won’t face hardship, we can only trust that properly equipping them with His Word will give them a firm foundation to stand on.