How to Be the Change We Need to See

Farmers, how to be the change we need to see

Individualism has replaced cooperation in our culture. Darwin convinced us that humans are not made in God’s image but are just one branch of the primates. Freud explained religion as the voice of conscience when we feel remorse for acting out our base instincts. Evolutionary psychologists define a human as just a gene’s way of making another gene, here by sheer accident.

In short, we are merely individuals locked in competition with other individuals.

Truth, Love, and Stones of Remembrance

Tsunami stone, truth and love and stones of remembrance

We should never remove a fence until we know why it was put up in the first place.

There’s no doubt we live in a culture that’s quite committed to clearing away all kinds of moral fences in all areas of culture, often replacing them with new fences in new places. What used to be unthinkable is now unquestionable. What used to be unquestionable is now thought of as quaint, Puritanical, and in some cases, oppressive and evil. What used to belong to families now belongs to the state. The guilty are now victims; the good guys now the bad guys; the essential now non-essential.