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Skateboarding, secular missionaries spread their gospel abroad

Christian missionaries are the ones so often depicted as judgmental and dismissive of native cultures. The history of Christian missions certainly does include bad ideas about native peoples and bad behavior by those tasked with bringing the Good News to them. Still, today, it’s Western liberal secularists leading the way in being judgmental and dismissive of native cultures.

The Martyrdom of Kayla Mueller: The Transforming Power of Courage

On August 3, 2013, Kayla Mueller and a friend visited a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo, Syria, to repair the hospital’s internet connection. They were reportedly taken captive by ISIS the next day. Kayla was not heard from again until the next spring. Then she sent a remarkable letter to her family through cellmates who were released. She stated that she had been “treated w/the utmost respect + kindness,” clearly writing before she faced the torture that was to come.

Divided Methodists: Will Sexual Colonialism Split the UMC?

For generations, U.S. churches sent missionaries around the world, preaching the Gospel and planting churches in places such as Africa, South America, and Asia. Today, many of the millions of Christians and churches that resulted from those missionary efforts are more biblically faithful than their American forebears. This is especially true of certain denominations and certain issues.

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