Salvation Army Confirms Ellie Goulding Will Still Perform at NFL Halftime Show: 'We’re Committed to Serving Anyone in Need'

After demanding the Salvation Army pledge a donation to a pro-LGBTQ organization, Ellie Goulding has decided that she will be performing at the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day halftime show. According to the Salvation Army, Goulding's threat to pull out of the Cowboys halftime show shed light on the misconceptions surrounding who the organization serves.

Student Complains after Professor Does Not Correct Classmate Claiming 'Only Women Can Have Abortions'

A professor from Iowa State University recently received a complaint after a discussion came up in class about abortion. The student who lodged the complaint said that the professor should have issued a correction when a classmate suggested that only women can have abortions because it “erases trans men and people who are non-binary who get abortions and/or use birth control.”