Why and How to Trust Our Future to Jesus

a woman praying, an 18-year-old organizes a prayer walk in an effort to spread hope

 We've previously explored Jesus’ invitation to “take my yoke upon you” (Matthew 11:29a). We have discovered that we should submit our lives and challenges to Jesus’ “yoke” and direction because he is “gentle and lowly in heart,” meaning that he always does the right thing with and through our lives (v. 29b). Today let’s add another reason to wear Jesus’ yoke: he can always be trusted to lead us into our best future.

The Disillusion of Millennial Evangelicals

The Disillusion of Millennial Evangelicals

What if we are seeing the fruit of a generation that was sold endless attempts to make Christ cool and likable, worship relevant and hyper-emotional, and Christian morality more about politics and cultural influence than obedience to God? And what if this generation has now found those experiences elsewhere? What if all of the trendy marketing, political capital, and massive concert experiences inadvertently taught a generation to love the glamour and the feelings, but not Christ?

What Does it Mean to 'Abide' in Christ?

Praise and worship, Will You Pay the Price for a National Awakening?

So, what does it mean to “abide” in Jesus? We could take the rest of the year to explore this vital question, but for today we’ll note that it means at least the decision to surrender every dimension of our lives to his lordship. Whatever the cost, whatever he asks, whatever it takes.

'OK Millennial': Don’t Blame the Boomers for Decline of Religion in America

a woman in a church pew, Don’t blame the boomers for decline of religion in America

Examining the data from the General Social Survey, it turns out it’s not the baby boomers who were the last vestige of a highly religious, very Christian era of American history. Instead, Generation X — born between 1965 and the early ’80s — is the last to come of age and even perpetuate an overwhelmingly Christian and largely devout religious landscape in terms of church attendance and beliefs about God.