Top News Articles of 2020 Christians Should Know About

A person reading a newspaper, top news stories of 2020

This year has been like none other in recent memory. In 2020, we experienced a global pandemic, worldview protests for racial justice, a tumultuous presidential election, widening political divisions, an economic crisis, and much more. As we wish 2020 a goodbye, let’s review some of the more influential moments of 2020.

Here are the top news stories of 2020 that Christians should know about:

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C. S. Lewis and the Coronavirus

C. S. Lewis and the Coronavirus

C.S. Lewis once said that we should read three old books for every new one. I think we should read three C.S. Lewis books for every new one. He never faced the coronavirus, of course, but in the late 1940s, the world was coming to grips with another threat: nuclear annihilation. The bomb was only a few years old, and in the hands of sworn national enemies. The uncertainty of what exactly could happen, not to mention what might happen, was palpable.