How to Love Others Well Despite Different Opinions on the COVID-19 Vaccinations

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The fact is that I know and love people with a variety of resolutions and thoughts when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. Am I incredibly grateful that people I know and love can now get back into their communities because of the amazing protectant against this deadly virus? Yes. Am I also understanding of those who, for health reasons or personal decisions, have determined to wait or decline a vaccination? Yes.

'Religious Liberty Triumphs': Calif. to Pay $2.1 Million for Churches' Legal Fees

The Hollywood Sign, California to pay millions in legal fees to churches

In recent days, California has been ordered to pay $1.6 million in attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit filed by South Bay United Pentecostal Church over unequal restrictions on houses of worship. It also agreed to pay $550,000 in attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit filed by a Catholic priest, Father Trevor Burfitt. All total, the state of California owes $2,150,000 in the two cases that were filed by the Thomas More Society.

Kids, COVID-19, and Preparing for Storms

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While everyone was “flying blind” at the beginning of the pandemic, it is becoming more and more clear that, in the noble interest of protecting bodies, many public officials neglected to adequately consider the mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of our lives together. For kids, a full year without school and extracurricular activities has done terrible damage.