Is a 'Historic' Summer Coming? Redeeming a Terrible Year for a Brighter Future

Is a 'Historic' Summer Coming? Redeeming a Terrible Year for a Brighter Future

Our lives have changed in dramatic ways over the last year. Work, exercise, shopping, schooling, childcare, and even our interactions with nature have been affected, sometimes for the better. But the most important lesson I believe we should learn from the pandemic is spiritual rather than medical, eternal rather than temporal.

In short: we need faith in God on a level most of us do not experience each day.

Marking a COVID-19 'Turning Point' in History

coronavirus vaccine, 3 christian ethicists explain why they will be getting the vaccine

While millions have died of this horrible disease, many millions more are grieving their deaths. In addition, a third of COVID-19 survivors have “long-haul” symptoms. To all who suffer, God promises his presence and empathy (cf. John 11:35). Jesus feels all we feel and suffers as we suffer. Theologian Jürgen Moltmann famously described our Savior as the “crucified God.”

What Are You Building?

a digital drawing of people protesting, What are you building?

Today, our politics, our “speaking out” is not really advancing any ideas or meaningful change, but is a kind of narcissistic hero creation. We get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms or Dietrich Bonhoeffer in every interaction. This is why we justify canceling and meanness. We see ourselves as the righteous ones and those who even marginally disagree, as the evil hordes we are called by God to battle.