How Christians Ended Foot Binding in China

A young girl, How Christians Ended Foot Binding in China

Social scientists have learned crucial lessons from the success of anti-foot binding campaigns in the early to mid-1900s. For example, the missionaries that began the fight against foot binding did not try to lead the movement. Instead, they recruited and helped organize local Chinese people to lead the movement. Though not all of these indigenous leaders and participants in the campaign were Christians, many were. The movement effectively drew in non-Christian intellectual leaders like Kang Youwei by using arguments grounded in the understandable Chinese desire for respect from other nations.

China to Stamp Out 5 'Illegal Social Organizations,' Including House Churches

China to Stamp Out 5 'Illegal Social Organizations,' Including House Churches

According to International Christian Concern, the Chinese government is launching a new campaign to rid the country of organizations that are not registered with the government but have "carried out activities in the name of a social organization, private non-enterprise unit or foundation." House churches are reportedly one of the targeted groups.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong ... The Tyranny Expands

Hong Kong protestors, Tyranny expands in Hong Kong

For months, the Communist leadership tried everything from coercion to concessions, to squash the pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong, but the protests only intensified. By late summer 2019, the movement, which had started over a law that allowed Hong Kong citizens to be prosecuted under the mainland’s jurisdiction, had become about much more than that. It was now about preserving a free Hong Kong. But when the headlines from changed from protesters to a virus and the world economy ground to a halt, other nations and their governments turned inward.

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