Is China's Next Leap Forced Procreation?

A young Chinese child, Is China’s Next Leap Forced Procreation?

Recently, China announced a revision to its infamous one-child policy, instituted by Mao’s successor. Married couples can now apply to have up to three children, an increase from the more recent limit of two. On the surface, the policy change might appear to be a significant improvement on Mao’s 1957 statement — at least in terms of human dignity. In fact, it is not. Both these stories reflect what happens when a society rejects the core Christian idea of the image of God.

What Christians Should Know about the Imprisonment of the Uyghurs in China

A Uyghur man, what Christians should know about the imprisonment of the Uyghur people in China

Since 2017, more than 1 million Uyghurs have been placed in suspected internment camps by the Chinese government. The government claims that the camps are vocational training camps set up to help fight back against religious extremism, but escapees of the camps have described them as abusive. Here is what you should know about the imprisonment of the Uyghurs in China:

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