Denison Forum

We Should Fear God

The king of the universe cannot honor rebellion against his reign lest he deny his holiness and permit that which harms his subjects. He calls us to seek his glory because to do less would be idolatry on his part and ours. Conversely, when we enthrone him in our hearts and serve him with fear and reverence, we experience his best in and through our lives.

Christians Urgently Need to Depend on God in This Fallen World

Yesterday we noted that if we are to impact our culture as the first Christians impacted theirs (cf. Acts 17:6), we must recover their sense of urgency for our message for the lost, our mission for the culture, and our moment for our souls. Today let’s add the urgency of depending intentionally and unconditionally on the One whose message and mission we serve in this moment.

3 Things We Can Learn from Early Christians about Sparking a Transformative Spiritual Movement

Early Christians had no courts or governments to which they could appeal for the protection of their religious liberties. In fact, they had no such liberties. And yet they “turned the world upside down” and were used by God to spark the most transformative spiritual movement in human history. If we wish to make the impact they made, we must do what they did.