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Denison Forum

Forgiveness and Gratitude Are the New Year's Resolutions That Will Actually Lead to Happiness

Harvard professor Arthur C. Brooks has a terrific article in The Atlantic titled, “New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Lead to Happiness.” After surveying literature regarding our typical difficulties in keeping resolutions for the new year, he determines that “the key to success is positive motivation.” Then he identifies the two motivations that most lead to happiness: forgiveness and gratitude.

An Incredible Story of Sacrificial Grace: Making Time for an Encounter That Changes Everything

The French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623–62) suggested a “wager” we can adapt as follows:

Either God exists, or he does not. If we wager that he exists and thus trust him for our salvation, and we are right, we gain eternity in heaven when we die. If we are wrong, we simply die along with everyone else. 

Why Tonight's 'Christmas Star' Is Such Good News

Tonight, Jupiter and Saturn will cross paths in the sky and will appear to us as one body. They will seem closer than they have since the 12000s and will shine brighter. While this is not the same star that led the magi to Christ, the timing of tonight’s celestial event points to that birth in a way that is especially significant. My wife and I were discussing this fact yesterday and she noted: “How wonderful that God would give us such a sign of his presence in this year of all years.” 

Should Your Church Move to Virtual-Only Services?

We are currently seeing the worst surge in COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began and officials are predicting that the “darkest days of the pandemic” are ahead.  Meanwhile, COVID-19 vaccines are now starting to become available. This juxtaposition between virus and vaccine is causing many pastors and churches to wonder whether to offer in-person worship or virtual-only services until trends improve and/or vaccines are available to everyone. Let’s explore this issue in light of recent events and biblical wisdom.

Are the Vaccines Safe? Answers to Common Questions and a Prayer for Knowledge and Discernment

For today, let’s discuss several practical questions you may be asking as you consult with your physician and decide whether to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when one is available to you. Given the size and scope of this issue, I will offer brief answers to the following questions along with links to articles written by professionals in the field.