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How to Be the Change We Need to See

Individualism has replaced cooperation in our culture. Darwin convinced us that humans are not made in God’s image but are just one branch of the primates. Freud explained religion as the voice of conscience when we feel remorse for acting out our base instincts. Evolutionary psychologists define a human as just a gene’s way of making another gene, here by sheer accident.

In short, we are merely individuals locked in competition with other individuals.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Example of Civility: Choosing Today to Invest in Tomorrow

While rancor over our nation’s highest court has always been with us, such divisiveness is especially heightened in these days. As we’ve seen in previous Daily Articles, the Supreme Court has taken on a legislative function in recent years, discovering “rights” to abortion and same-sex marriage, among other rulings. This power makes membership on the court especially crucial.

Who Won the Debate? Remembering How God Measures Success

The contentious nature of last night’s debate reflects the contentious nature of our culture. Our politics are locked in a zero-sum game: abortion is legal or it is not; LGBTQ rights and sexual liberty take precedence over religious liberty or they do not. More than ever before, Republicans and Democrats both consider the other side to be “brainwashed,” “hateful,” and “racist.”