Denison Forum

Denison Forum

Following Christ Leads to the Path towards World Peace

These facts remind us that the ultimate answer to all human conflict lies not in human agency but in divine transformation.

Focus on Living like Jesus over When He Will Return

Only the Lord knows when your last day will be, so he is the only one capable of helping you live well every day until that time comes.

Seven Scriptural Truths to Pray Urgently over Israel

Let’s join this battle on our knees as we “wrestle against . . . the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). Specifically, I encourage you to offer seven biblical prayers in these days.

Defending the Basic Morals of Humanity in the Face of Evil

As post-Christian America continues its unconscionable march away from biblical truth and morality into self-centric immoral relativism, what is our future?

What it Means to Pray for Peace in Times of Darkness

Delving into the reality of full-grown sin that results in death through the backdrop of the Israeli conflict with Hamas. 

Choosing Biblical Peace over Dehumanization

Our nation was founded on the declaration that “all men are created equal.” Ronald Reagan was right: “Faith in the dignity of the individual under God is the foundation for the whole American political experiment.” Dehumanizing others threatens this foundation and our very future.