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Lysol Factory Worker Is 'On the Front Lines Now': Evolution's 'Most Persistent Problem' and the Privilege of Knowing a Personal God

Satan wants to use the current pandemic to tempt us to neglect the Helper we cannot see as we focus on the help we can. When we face a medical crisis, we seek the help of medical professionals. When we face a financial crisis, we seek the help of financial advisors. As we should.

But we should also trust the Great Physician who owns “the cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10). We were created to need his omniscience and omnipotence today and into eternity.

What Can You Do That You Couldn't Do before the Pandemic?

One of our frustrations with social distancing is that it feels so hard to help those in need. We cannot visit senior adults isolated in nursing homes. It’s hard to volunteer at food banks or rescue missions when we’re not allowed out of our homes.

But Christians must not let these restrictions become excuses. Instead, we who believe in the sovereignty of God must believe that he has ways to redeem these challenges for his glory and our good.