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4 Biblical Responses to Elon Musk's New Brain Implant

Imagine reading or listening to this article by controlling your technology with just your thoughts. No more keyboards or touchscreens. You could even control a video game with your mind. The stuff of science fiction Actually, it’s now science fact.

"World War III Is Approaching Fast"

Are you worried that we are moving closer to World War III? If you're not, should you be?

Will the Killing of U.S. Soldiers Lead to 'War in the Middle East'?

I have no way to know if this deadly attack will lead to greater escalation in the region and even a world war involving the US and Iran. But I do know that nothing that happens next will surprise the omniscient Lord of the universe or deter his omnipotent power and sovereign purposes in our world.

Five Biblical Responses to Our Sexual 'Schism of the Soul'

God warns us to "flee from sexual immorality" and to "let the marriage bed be undefiled." Once again, secular research proves His Word to be right. Why, then, is there such a market for pornography and a growing interest in adulterous relationships?

3 Ways to Be Salt and Light to Modern Society

Is there a greater privilege than sharing this “gospel of redeeming grace” with the world?

When Human Law Permits What God Prohibits

When people read your “Gospel” today, what—and whom—will they find?