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Seminary Student Burned to Death in Attack in Nigeria

According to sources, assailants in an area of Nigeria where Fulani terrorists have operated freely burned a Catholic seminary student to death Thursday night in a failed kidnapping attempt.

Pastor Shot after Receiving Islamist Threats in Jaranwala, Pakistan

A pastor was shot and wounded by hardline Muslims on Sunday evening (Sept. 3) in Jaranwala, Pakistan a week after Islamist slogans were written on the walls of his church building, sources said.

Christians Object to Injustices following Attacks in Jaranwala, Pakistan

Church and rights leaders in Pakistan are demanding an investigation into anti-Christian rioting in Jaranwala amid illegal arrests of area Christians and a police claim of a “foreign conspiracy” to create religious strife, sources said.

They Were About to Pull the Plug on Pastor, But Then Wife Sees Him Wigging His Toes

Ryan Marlow, a pastor in North Carolina, is alive and back home with his wife and three children after doctors initially and wrongly declared that he had experienced "neurological death."

The Bible is full of miracles and other wondrous signs from the hand of the good Lord above. God's Words tell of instances of divine interventions, situations in which the Lord acted, showing off his immense power and love. However, many would argue that miracles and similar events no longer happen today. But one family in North Carolina would wholeheartedly disagree with that conclusion.

Forced Conversion/Marriage of Minority Girls Targeted in Pakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday (Aug. 29) ordered the government to respond to a petition to stop courts from allowing forced conversion and marriage of minority girls in verdicts that act as covers for child rape, sources said.

Terrorists Kidnap Two Christians, Kill Baptist Pastor in Nigeria

Two Christians were kidnapped on Friday (Aug. 25) in Kaduna state, Nigeria, two days after gunmen described as terrorists killed a Baptist pastor in another area of the state, sources said.

How Chaos Led to the Ultimate Opportunity

Two years have passed since the United States’ harrowing withdrawal from Afghanistan. While the world witnessed the Taliban’s shocking insurgency against Kabul, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as we once knew it, was no more.

'Rich Men North of Richmond' Singer Oliver Anthony Shares Bible Verse

Singer Oliver Anthony, who has gotten a ton of attention after his song went viral, shared a Bible verse before a performance.

Thanks to the pervasive nature of technology, gaining attention and worldwide fame is much easier than in decades past. A few hundred retweets on the site formerly known as Twitter and shares on Facebook, someone previously unknown can become a household name. Most people refer to this as "going viral."