Community 'Swarms In' to Care for 3 Children Who Unexpectedly Lost Their Parents

Jane, Max, and Henry lost both of their parents back-to-back. First, these young children from the St. Louis area lost their father after doctors diagnosed him with colon cancer. Then, unfortunately, their mother – Megan – also passed away just 4 months after the death of their father.

Left without a mother and a father, the children’s aunt Krista and her husband, Dave, took in Jane, Max, and Henry. The couple already had three children of their own. But the displays of love and support shown to Jane, Max and Henry did not stop there!

Man Never Stopped Looking for His Little Brother, and after 80 Years, They Finally Reunite

A man never stopped looking for his little brother, and after 80 years, they finally reunite.

Woman Offers Homeless Man a Job on Her Farm in Stunning Example of God's Love, Compassion

People in need are all around us, but instead of giving him a few bucks, one woman found a unique way to help a homeless man.

Church in Indonesia Stands Up to Attempt to Stop Worship

A church in West Java Province, Indonesia refused to yield to Muslim intruders’ attempts to stop their worship service on Sunday (March 19), the pastor said.

Wife Dies before Quadruplets’ Names Are Even Decided and Brave Dad Raises Them Alone

Erica Morales didn’t get a chance to give her quadruplets names or even hold them before she tragically passed away. And while Carlos Morales misses his wife dearly, the four beautiful blessings God gave him gives him the strength to keep going.

She Lost Both Children in a Freak Campground Accident and Now She's Speaking Out

Crystal Clark tragically lost both her kids to a freak campground accident. And now, the devastated mom is warning others in the hopes of saving lives.

2 Brothers, 55 and 54, Meet for the First Time

It's hard to know what type of feelings might surface between two brothers reunited after 50 years of living apart. It's difficult to imagine the emotions that might come with such a meeting. But, Randy and Edward Waites provided a beautiful example of love and acceptance when these two brothers met for the very first time!

Muslim Extremists Attack Pastor, Son in Uganda

Muslim extremists on March 15 seriously injured a pastor and his 14-year-old son as they were preparing for an all-night prayer vigil at their church site in eastern Uganda, sources said.

Helicopter Passes over What Looks Like a Rock Buried in the Snow until Pilot Spots a Hand

Two members of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) – officers Gus Aguirre and Travis Olson – pulled off the miraculous recovery, saving 81-year-old Jerry Jouret's life, according to

The brother of the rescued man, Joe Jouret, claimed the rescue was divine intervention.”I just really believe it was a miracle,” Joe said.