Candace Cameron Bure, Sharing Pics of Son's Wedding, Opens Up about a New Season in Life

Alicia Searl | Contributing Writer | Updated: Jan 30, 2024
Candace Cameron Bure, Sharing Pics of Son's Wedding, Opens Up about a New Season in Life

Candace Cameron Bure, Sharing Pics of Son's Wedding, Opens Up about a New Season in Life

Great American Family star Candace Cameron Bure candidly opens up about a new season in her life in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, “We are Family.” She and her husband, Valeri Bure, former NHL ice hockey right winger, are now embracing the next phase of life as empty nesters.

When asked about this season in her marriage, she jokingly states, “I feel like my answers are always pretty boring, because it’s the thing we always hear… Communication, loving and honoring one another, being respectful towards each other. But also, having fun.”

The beloved star and influencer continued to share that within her 27-year marriage, the importance of dating and laughing together is imperative. Now that all her children are grown and have started their own lives, she shares that finding a new way of life as empty nesters is evolving into this new season with fun, laughter, and creating new memories to keep their marriage healthy.

Bure is well known for the role she played as D.J. Tanner in Full House, her many roles as the American sweetheart of Hallmark, and more recently her move to Great American Family where she is leading a charge and change to bring back more spiritual elements and faith-based content into the film industry.

The 47-year-old actress is not afraid to talk about her marriage, family, health, or faith, and does so in her New York Times bestselling books, as well as on her own podcast. Her positive and uplifting words offer encouragement for all seasons of life.

Cameron and Valeri were married on June 22, 1996 and have three children: Natasha, Lev, and Maksim. Candace shares with Fox New Digital about her children, “We cultivated those strong relationships as they were young and all throughout their years in their small youth and teenage years. Now that they’re adults (pause) now’s the time where you get to be friends with your kids.” She continues saying, “It’s pretty awesome, but it's all in the foundation and the groundwork that we get to have fruitful relationships as adults.”

According to an article on Parade, Bure's oldest, Natasha, seeks a career as an actress, like her mother, and her youngest son, Maks (as he is lovingly called) seeks to play hockey like his father.

A recent post on Bure’s Instagram account shares pictures of their oldest son, Lev, and his wedding day. The doting mother states, “Words cannot express the joy we have felt this weekend celebrating the marriage of our son and his bride Elliot. We gained a beautiful daughter and a wonderful family to do life with. I have an overwhelming sense of peace, love, joy, peace, and contentment thanks to God’s blessing of family and friendship. My heart is so full.”

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It appears Bure is settling quite well into this new “empty nest” season, embracing her role as a wife and mother. She shares with Fox about parenting in this season, “You want to raise them up, and then you just watch them spread their wings and fly. And it's exciting as a parent. I'm always encouraged to see what my kids are doing and how they love people and their friends and family, and all of that.”

Candace is such an inspiration to so many on how to seek God in every aspect of our lives, including new seasons! We wish her all the best!

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Candace Cameron Bure, Sharing Pics of Son's Wedding, Opens Up about a New Season in Life