Banish the Unofficial Luggage of Foster Care


Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Death under Blasphemy Law

A court in Bahawalpur, Pakistan on Tuesday (May 30) handed the death penalty to a 22-year-old Christian on an unsubstantiated conviction under the country’s blasphemy laws, sources said.

Muslim, Police in Pakistan Beat and Confine Pregnant Christian

A Christian housecleaner in Pakistan was beaten and illegally confined for a week by her Muslim employers after she tried to leave her job due to pregnancy, she said.

7 Ways to Honor Vets This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is approaching. Are you looking for ways to do more this year to honor those who sacrificed to preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy? Memorial Day is a day to honor and commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that so many brave men and women have made, so it is certainly a day to pay our respects to these individuals, even if that is in death. Memorial Day is also a day to honor the families of these veterans who are in our communities. There are so many ways to give back even just a little bit of what these veterans have sacrificed for us, and below we provide you with just a few ideas to get you started. We thank the Lord for our vets and their families and hope that they will feel honored, appreciated, and loved this Memorial Day.

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Christians Wounded amid Military Fighting in Sudan

Among attacks on church buildings and mosques in Sudan after fighting broke out within the Sudanese military last month, a priest and other Christians were reportedly shot and injured in at least one assault with apparent anti-Christian motives.

Two Christians, 18 and 14, Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan

Babar Sandhu Masih was resting after lunch on Thursday afternoon (May 18) when he heard a commotion outside his house in the Qurban Lines neighborhood of Lahore, Pakistan.

Christian Leaders Respond to the Death of Pastor Tim Keller

Renowned pastor and author Tim Keller passed away on Friday, May 19, following a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Keller was 72.

Born on September 23, 1950, Keller received his education from Westminster Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Bucknell University. He was the chairman and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition and Redeemer City to City. He was also the Senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and the author of nearly three dozen books. Keller stepped down from his senior pastor role in 2017 to focus his attention on his non-profit organization, Redeemer City to City.

Amid Keller’s passing, faith leaders are lauding him for his work in urban ministry and life as a man of God.

15 Influential Quotes from Pastor Tim Keller

The late pastor and best-selling author Tim Keller passed away on Friday, May 19, three years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Keller had a long and influential ministerial career. During his time in the pastorate, he regularly highlighted the love and goodness of God. Here are 10 inspiring quotes about faith, Christianity and God’s goodness from Pastor Tim Keller.

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