United Nations

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Israel's Ambassador Uses Bible to Prove Jewish People's Claim to Israel at U.N. Session

In a passionate speech on Monday, Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, used the Bible as evidence to prove the Jewish right to claim Israel. During a special session at the United Nations Security Council on Monday Danon defended the Jew’s religious and historical connection to Israel by citing four main pillars of reasons: “the Bible, history, international law, and the pursuit of international peace and security.”

Trump Administration Denies Visas to Same-Sex Partners of Foreign Diplomats

The Trump Administration implemented a new policy on Monday which denies visas to the same-sex domestic partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees. This reverses a policy put in place by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009. The Administration will now only grant visas to same-sex partners if they are legally married.

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