Geek Squad Employee Fired for Biblical Views on Marriage to Sue Best Buy

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Updated: Sep 21, 2023
Geek Squad Employee Fired for Biblical Views on Marriage to Sue Best Buy

Geek Squad Employee Fired for Biblical Views on Marriage to Sue Best Buy

A former Best Buy employee is planning to sue the major electronics retailer after he was allegedly fired for sharing his biblical views on sexuality and marriage.

According to Faithwire, Best Buy fired Enis Sujak from his position with the Geek Squad on September 1 after he took issue with a mandatory training video titled “The History of The LGBTQ Movement.”

“As a Christian, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” Enis Sujak, a Serbian immigrant who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, wrote on his GiveSendGo campaign. “Yet, for some reason, Best Buy insisted that I submit to a lesson series on ‘The History of the LGBTQ Movement’ while I have clients waiting on my assistance.”

“My ability to help and serve customers with electronic repairs and the sexual orientation of my colleagues have nothing in common,” Sujak continued. “In fact, sexuality has no place in the workplace, and forcing me to subject myself to conduct that I believe constitutes a sin while taking me away from serving my former employer’s customers is simply unacceptable — in fact, it’s unlawful.”

A day after Sujak’s firing, activist journalist James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, posted leaked audio footage of Sujak confronting his manager, Michael Hirsch, about the training video.

When Sujak asked Hirsch why employees were allowed to donn LGBTQ flags and symbols, but Christian employees could not wear crosses, Hirsch said that both are “not the same,” arguing that being a Christian is a choice, while gender identity and sexual identity are not.

“You can 1,000% choose religion,” the Geek Squad said. “[Y]ou are choosing to choose to believe in Christianity or Muslim or whatever; you choose that. … They’re not choosing gay.”

Sujak has hired an attorney and will file a civil lawsuit against Best Buy over his termination.

“In no way have I ever argued that anyone who differs in religion, gender, or sex should be treated differently; rather, all I wanted was to be treated the same as them, and have my beliefs respected equally,” he wrote. “It’s time we fight back, take a stand, and defend our rights. I will not back down, and every contribution no matter how great or small, helps us in this fight.”

As of Wednesday, his GiveSendGo Campaign page has raised over $10,700.

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Geek Squad Employee Fired for Biblical Views on Marriage to Sue Best Buy