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Should We Speak Publicly about the Sins of Christian Leaders?

Ravi Zacharias, thanks for letting us think

After the late Ravi Zacharias was preliminarily found was guilty of sexual misconduct, many wondered why Christian news organizations would report these findings since Zacharias is already dead. There are several issues at play in determining whether or not Christians should air the previously unreported sins of public ministry figures after their death, but the primary one is this – Ravi Zacharias sinned against numerous women. We, as followers of Jesus, owe it to them to hear their stories, acknowledge their pain, and advocate for them to receive the restitution they deserve.

When the Truth-Bearer Falls: Responding to the Revelations about Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias, Zacharias dies at 74 years old

Recently, I was asked how we should respond to cases when a Christian leader or teacher is caught in sexual misconduct. Is it possible to separate the good that they’ve done and the truth they’ve taught, the person and their sin? And, what about when the perpetrator is gone and has no further opportunity to acknowledge his sins, repent, and seek forgiveness? On a Christian worldview analysis level, to borrow a phrase popularized by Christian educator Arthur Holmes, it is important to remember that “all truth is God’s truth.” In other words, if Ravi Zacharias ever said anything true in his life, and of course he did, he was not its source but only its medium. Any truth – all truth – comes ultimately from God, outside of time or place or context.

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