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Seven Presidents Who Have Declared National Emergencies

In 1976, Congress enacted the National Emergencies Act which allows the President to use special executive powers during crisis situations. Since the act was passed, CBS News reports that 58 national emergencies have been declared by presidents, 31 of them are still in effect today.

On February 15, President Trump declared the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border was a national emergency, marking his fourth emergency declaration.

President Trumps decision to declare the immigration problem a national emergency was met with mixed emotions. While many supported the President’s ‘get it done’ mentality, others feared that it set a dangerous precedent for future presidents. According to the New York Times, President Trump’s emergency declaration is similar to declarations made by Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, in that the each of the declarations sought military construction associated with a war or conflict. Where the declarations are different, however, is that neither of the Bush presidents declared an emergency to reallocate funds after Congress had already rejected the proposal.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, following President Trump’s emergency declaration, 16 states filed suit against the president questioning the legality of the action.

The states’ decision to file suit against President Trump indicates that there is an apparent lack of clarity on the restraints on executive emergency powers.

To shed some light on the seemingly complex issue, here are examples of national emergencies declared by seven presidents since 1979.

Photo courtesy: David Everett Strickler/Unsplash

Bizarre Facts about 10 U.S. Presidents That Sound Unbelievable but are True

U.S. Presidents are often viewed with an untouchability. But these bizarre facts show that they are no different than the rest of us, some even weirder!

While you may know something about each of these leader’s political leanings, their personal likes and dislikes may be lesser known. Our presidents have had their share of embarrassing moments or peculiar eccentricities – like Grant being ticketed for speeding or Hoover’s staff hiding in bushes at his request! These are the tidbits you probably were not taught in history class.

We thought it would be fun to take a peek into the lives of the U.S. Presidents and see what unique information is out there. These may not be deep, dark secrets but they give great insight into the private life of those called “Mr. President.” We hope you enjoy this unique look at these leaders who have shaped our country and some of their bizarre quirks.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

13 Presidents Who Were Influenced by Billy Graham

Billy Graham — who died Wednesday (Feb. 21) at age 99 — met with 13 American presidents, from Harry Truman to Donald Trump. Quotes from interviews, correspondence and other writings give a glimpse into the evangelist’s relationship with each successive occupant of the Oval Office. Each president with whom Graham met couldn't help but be impacted by his faith. These quotes allow us to see small glimpses of the truly monumental influence Rev. Graham had on these presidents as they sought to lead the nation.

Photo: Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, and former U.S. Presidents George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton bow their heads in prayer during the Billy Graham Library Dedication Service on May 31, 2007 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Approximately 1500 guests attended the private dedication ceremony for the library, which chronicles the life and teachings of Evangelist Billy Graham. Former U.S. Presidents Clinton, Carter and Bush made short speeches during the dedication ceremony.

Photo courtesy: Davis Turner/Getty Images

8 Presidents Who Looked to God for Guidance

America has now had 45 presidents in its history. Most of these men have been at least nominally Christian, and none have declared themselves atheists. As this President's Day approaches (on February 20), many Americans think back to the leaders we have had throughout the few centuries since the country's founding. A few presidents particularly stand out for their Christian faith and how they relied on God in times of personal and national crisis. It may be inspiring to read how these men knew that while they themselves had a great deal of power, they too knew who the ultimate authority was and knew they could only succeed in their responsibilities through His guidance.

Here are eight presidents who are particularly noteworthy examples of men of character and faith.

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