Praying hands, Why we need to trust God more than people

We can trust God to use people to defeat our viral enemy. We can encourage our healthcare heroes as they care for patients and scientists as they develop therapies and vaccines against the virus. We can work together to restart the economy while striving to keep down infections. And we can pray for God to do what no mortals can. We can ask him to protect our families and those on the frontlines of this battle. We can ask him to work medically and miraculously. We can know that as we work, God works.

Praying hands, how we can pray for our muslim neighbors during Ramadan

Every Ramadan, but especially one in the midst of a pandemic, is a good time to keep our Muslim neighbors, and Muslims around the world, in prayer. After all, this is the time where many Muslims are seeking to hear from God, and for the last several decades, God has been breaking through to so many Muslims through dreams, in the reading of Holy Scripture, and via other Muslim converts to point them to Christ.