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A Win for Free Speech in the Gender and Sexuality Debate

Men sharing a bible, A win for religious free speech

In our current cultural climate, every word out of the mouth of a Christian who takes the Bible seriously is going to be controversial. But the government has no right to decide what is a correct opinion on matters of politics, religion or any other controversial issue and then force citizens to mouth their agreement with the government’s decision.


Why Canceling Dr. Seuss Is a Threat to All Evangelicals

Dr. Seuss books, 6 Dr. Seuss books are pulled from publication and sale for racists undertones

It’s no longer enough to seek a world in which all Americans have equal opportunities with regard to voting, education, employment, or other civil rights. Now we must be proactive in “canceling” any oppression as defined by any person considered to be oppressed. We must identify “structural power imbalances” and “take action against injustice” as defined by the SPLC and similar groups.

'Poly-Parent Households,' 'Tri-Parenting,' and the Urgency and Hope of Biblical Truth

'Poly-Parent Households,' 'Tri-Parenting,' and the Urgency and Hope of Biblical Truth

Here’s the part of God’s word on our subject that I want us to focus on today: Hebrews 13:4 continues, “for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” If our secular culture is aware of this fact, most seem not to care.

Peter warned about “those who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority” (2 Peter 2:10). In this context, the “authority” is that of the Lord himself. Such people “have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin” (v. 14) and face severe judgment to come (v. 17).

Why We Support the Philadelphia Statement

Cancel Culture, Biblical responses to cancel culture

“Freedom of expression is in crisis,” the Philadelphia Statement begins. “Truly open discourse—the debates, exchange of ideas, and arguments on which the health and flourishing of a democratic republic crucially depend—is increasingly rare. Ideologues demonize opponents to block debates on important issues and to silence people with whom they disagree.”

This paragraph is an answer to the well-meaning Christians who, at times, ask whether it is appropriate to be involved in “political debates” over things like free speech or religious freedom. Part of the Christian’s calling is to steward and protect good things. Freedom of expression is one of those good things, and not just for us.