Inauguration Day 2021: Conscience or the Constable?

Inauguration Day 2021: Conscience or the Constable?

The most recent lawlessness at the Capitol reflects an escalating lawlessness that spans political parties, religious affiliations, age brackets, and social classes. Will a militarized America be the new normal? Will the armed troops protecting the Citadel of Democracy today be patrolling the streets of rioting cities tomorrow? Will the blatant failures of our institutions and our leaders continue to fester to an explosive level of distrust?

The Inauguration of Joe Biden: Two Historic Values That Can Divide Us or Unite Us in a Hopeful Future

Joe Biden, Two values that could unite or divide us

Before the 2020 election, 80 percent of Biden supporters and 77 percent of Trump supporters stated that they and the other side “fundamentally disagree about core American values.” Ninety percent of Biden supporters and 89 percent of Trump supporters said the other candidate’s election “would lead to lasting harm to the US.”

Recognizing the divided and divisive culture of our nation, Mr. Biden “wants to use the [inauguration] to call Americans to unity,” according to his incoming press secretary. But as I am sure Mr. Biden and those praying for harmony know, seeking unity will not succeed unless we commit ourselves to values that are essential to such unity.