Rashida Tlaib and the Controversy with Israel: We Must Never Forget the Past, Lest it Become the Future

Here’s the article I wish I were writing today: the daughter of Palestinian immigrants is elected to the United States Congress, shining a light on the significance of Palestinian people everywhere. She returns to the West Bank to visit her elderly grandmother and to inspire the Palestinians with her example of hard work and success.

How to Contact, Have an Effective Conversation with Your Congressperson

There are dozens of ways to get involved in politics. You could run for office, join a special-interest group or even become a lobbyist. But if that isn’t the route you want to go; a simpler option would be to pick up your phone and call your congressmen or women.

Giving your congresspeople a call is one of the most effective ways to make sure that they know how you – the constituent – want to be represented in regard to current issues.

When googling “how to contact my congressperson,” a U.S. Government link appears front and center. What the link brings you to is a place where you can fill out a form that will direct your message to your representative or senator. While filling out this form or writing an email can be effective, experts say making a phone call is even better, the New York Times reports.

Here are six tips to help you contact your congressperson and have an effective conversation with them:

Photo courtesy: Alexander Andrews/Unsplash