Christian nationalism

Survey: 'Great Replacement' Belief Correlates with Christian Nationalist Views

A migrant caravan, a survey shows that the 'great replacement' belief correlates with Christian nationalism

A new survey finds a majority of Americans who believe that America is a “city on a hill” chosen by God to receive blessings and be used as an example in the world, also believe in a “replacement” conspiracy theory holding that immigrants are invading the U.S. in an attempt to replace the country's current culture.

An Empowering and Urgent Prayer for Our Nation

An American flag, How to preserve the health of our democracy

Last Sunday, an article written by Dr. Ed Stetzer and Andrew MacDonald titled, “It’s time we evangelicals have a talk about Christian nationalism", was published in a local Dallas newspaper. In the article, Stetzer and MacDonald describe Christian nationalism as the syncretistic fusion of patriotism and Christianity. This fusion claims that “America enjoys providential favor or blessings above other nations,” a belief which the authors correctly note is unbiblical.

Why I Am a Christian Patriot but Not a Christian Nationalist

An American flag, How to preserve the health of our democracy

As we noted yesterday, many are blaming evangelicals for the Capitol riots and calling on us to repudiate “Christian nationalism.” There are many ways to understand this term, but a common definition is that “the United States was founded as a Christian nation and must continue to be one.”

This subject is far more complex than we have space to discuss fully, but I will note that nations are geopolitical entities with borders, populations, and governments. By contrast, a Christian is a person who has trusted in Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. A nation cannot do this. As a result, neither America nor any other nation can logically be a “Christian nation.”