Karen Pence’s Powerful Analogy for Religious Liberty: How and Why to Speak the Truth in Love

In an interview with Karen Pence, a reporter suggested that “a gay person might say that your faith is attacking them for who they are.” Mrs. Pence replied: “I don’t make that connection. This country was founded on religious liberty. And I think we have to be careful about infringing on anyone else’s beliefs. I think that if you have someone who has a certain belief, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily judging you.”

5 Things Christians Should Know about the Faith of Joe Biden

Editor's Note: This article (publication date: November 11, 2019) is part of a series leading up to the 2020 presidential election highlighting the professed faith of several of the primary candidates, including Donald TrumpJoe Biden, Elizabeth WarrenBernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Christian Headlines offers these faith summaries as a way of informing voters about the religious beliefs of the candidates.

Former vice president Joe Biden will be taking a making a run for the presidential office in 2020. Biden is a practicing Catholic and served as the first Catholic vice president in American history. Here are five things to know about Biden and his faith.

Here are 5 things Christians should know about Joe Biden:

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