Loving Our Neighbors By Refusing to Lie

Hand shakes one crossing fingers behind his back, Loving our neighbors by refusing to lie

Among the reasons that Christians cannot sit out our culture-wide conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity is that it is based on a lie about the human person, a lie that has convinced many. To relinquish the belief in a reality that exists outside of ourselves is to give up more than we might realize. If men can be women, if laws which expand voting access in Georgia can be renamed as bringing back Jim Crow, then what is real? If Christians give in to lies, why would we be trusted to tell the truth about God?

President Biden Delivers First Joint Address to Congress: Two Lessons on God’s Calling to Serve Others

Joe Biden, Biden delivers first speech before a joint Congress

While segments of President Biden's speech before the joint Congress sought to depict a unifying path forward, he could not seem to consistently avoid relying on unnecessarily extreme rhetoric. Senator Ted Cruz responded to the President's speech in a similar matter, saying little intended to bring Americans together. And while that hardly makes either man unique in recent times, it does reinforce that we should look elsewhere for our examples of how to engage with others. Fortunately, the Bible gives us a much better option.