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FCC Receives More than 1,300 Complaints about Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Coronavirus and Two Ways to Respond to Culture

From Genesis to Revelation, we find God taking the initiative in relating to his creation. He seeks Adam and Eve in the Garden (Genesis 3:9). He sends Joseph to Egypt, Moses to Pharaoh, David to Goliath, Daniel to the king of Babylon, and Paul across the Roman Empire. Religion is about our climbing up to God; Christianity is about God climbing down to us. The entire story of his dealings with us is one of a shepherd seeking lost sheep, taking the incarnational initiative to go to those who could not come to him.

J. LO and Shakira's Super Bowl 'Performance' and Our Culture's Mixed Messages

From the beginning, the sexual revolution has promised women that aggressively flaunting skin and sexuality was empowerment and that divorcing sex from marriage and procreation would be a means to freedom. In reality, it was men who got what they wanted: sexual pleasure without the burden of commitment or requirement of chivalry. For a brief moment a few years ago, it was almost as if that lie had been exposed. More and more women bravely came forward revealing how they’d been treated horrifically as “sexual objects” and such. But if Sunday’s performance is any indication, we have not learned our lesson.

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